Kingdom Hearts 3 Flantastic Seven Locations Guide – How to Complete, Rewards, Flanmeister

Beating a region or world in Kingdom Hearts III is not enough for calling yourself a completionist. This is because a whole lot of other challenges and possibilities open upon replaying that level.

One such instance is the appearance of Kingdom Hearts 3 Flantastic Seven throughout different parts of the world that award you challenges and decent rewards associated with them.

Read down below for locations on the Flantastic Seven as well as the expected rewards for completing the challenges.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Flantastic Seven

Apart from getting you the Flanmeister Trophy/Achievement, there are a lot of reasons in the game for you to find these seven Kingdom Hearts III Flans.

As the rewards for completing the given challenges, you will earn rare materials and ingredients that will help you in your journey right to the end.

For example, acing all the challenges with an A rating or three apples ranking will award you with Orichalcum+ Ore which goes into the synthesis of Ultima Keyblade, one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

It should be noted that you would need to complete a world’s story before you can see these Flans pop up in that region.

Each of the seven worlds holds one Flan each. Therefore, either you go there and repeat the level right after finishing it, or you wait until the end of the game and go through all the worlds as your second playthrough.

Either way, here are all the locations for the Flantastic Seven in Kingdom Hearts III.

1. Cherry Flan

Once you reach the Thebes Overlook, Olympus save or fast-travel point, move up the stairs and keep to the right of the path to come face-to-face with the Cherry Flan.

Accepting the challenge, you with your allies, ride on Goofy’s shield in an attempt to take out all Flans in your way. Bumping into a wall slows you down while riding through the arrows grant you a speed boost.

Make sure not to hit the wall too often, as this will reset the challenge. You need a minimum score of 20,000 points to get the A ranking.

2. Strawberry Flan

In the Toy Box world, spawn at or make your way to the Rest Area fast-travel point in the Galaxy Toys region. Just look across from this position over at the vending machines near which the Strawberry Flan will be lying.

Interact with it to get your mini-game challenge. Again, you will ride on the shield as you take down bad Flans and avoid hits so you do not lose your earned bodycount.

Mashing X/A to regain speed if you have bumped into an obstacle. The minimum score for achieving an A grade for the mission is 17,000 points.

3. Orange Flan

In the Kingdom of Corona, spawn at the Tower fast-travel point in the Hills region. From there turn around and enter the canyons.

As you exit the tunnel and into the grassy area, you will be able to find the Orange Flan in the clear field. In this mini-game, your photography skills will be put to the test.

For the best results, wait for a Flan to pose and then take the snapshot. Take seven such pictures and earn a minimum score of 23,300 to achieve an A grade on this mission.

4. Banana Flan

This particular flan is situated in Monstropolis in the basement region.

After spawning at the Door Vault Service fast-travel point step through the white door in front and then up the red staircase to reach a yellow door with two green glowing lights above it.

Take the elevator up to the Upper Level and through a yellow door to finally reach multiple colorful doors.

Here you will need to find a brown door with a red light above it. It is situated in the first row from the bottom and to the extreme left. Enter it and turn around to find the Banana Flan.

The mini-game involves a giant Flan chasing you with the intention of hurting you and your party, while you yourself chase down small Flans.

Here, it is best to keep your distance from the big Flan and dodge his attacks, while you may use area-effect moves to take out multiple small Flans per each attack. To achieve an A ranking in the challenge, get a minimum score of 22,000 points.

5. Grape Flan

In the North Mountain Ridge region of Arendelle, after spawning at the fast-travel point. Stand at the edge of the cliff and you will be able to make out the blue Grape Flan from far out.

Jump down towards the left of this cliff to glide your wall over to the Flan that is among the clearing in the pine trees.

The Flans that need to be eliminated in the mini-game are much more powerful this time around, and so upgrades of your equipment and weapons will help you dispose of them much quicker.

A minimum score of 20,000 points is required for getting an A on the mission report.

6. Watermelon Flan

Spawn at the Port Royal fast-travel point in the Fort region of The Caribbean. Take a right from here and approach the center of the fort to interact with the Melon Flan.

The challenge itself involves flying flans that you need to bring down out of the air with the help of the cannon.

Occasionally, a huge melon flan will appear on the ground as well. When using the cannon, wait for the opportune moment that is just when the middle bell has a glow on it so you can fire multiple shots.

Score 29,000 points or more, and you will have acquired all three apples in your ranking.

7. Honeydew Cantaloupe Flan

At nighttime, spawn at the South District fast-travel point in San Fransokyo and opposite of this point; move up the building with the “John’s Fashion Center” sign.

From the rooftop here, glide so that you land on the building between the one with the “M” symbol and a red billboard with a Kanji symbol on it. Here you will find the Cantaloupe (melon species) Flan on the rooftop.

The mini-game will have you jump from one Flan to another without landing on the ground, as that will mark the end of the challenge. For this final challenge, if you manage to score 15,000 or more points, you will have acquired the A grade.

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