Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 9 Walkthrough Guide – Keyblade Graveyard

Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 9 Walkthrough Guide with all the map locations, collectibles, boss fights, tips, and everything that happens in the ninth chapter.

Welcome to Chapter 9 of Kingdom Hearts III. This Chapter will focus on the ninth world of Kingdom Hearts III: Keyblade Graveyard. It is an original world focusing on the world’s suffering.

If you are looking for the previous chapter, you can find that in our Kingdom Hearts III Chapter 8 Guide.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 9 Walkthrough

The Keyblade Graveyard is a part of the Realm of Darkness, a place that is known to only a few. Sora and the gang will only have the help of King Mickey to defeat the members of Organization XIII and foil their plans.

This will be the toughest world yet. The story is finally reaching its climax.

Sora and the gang get teleported into the Realm of Darkness. Your first goal will be to defeat the Demon Tower here. You will be playing with Riku here. Use his fast and high damaging combos to easily defeat the Demon Tower.


After you have damaged the Demon Tower to about half, the game will shift to Sora’s point of view after the long cutscene. Take control of Sora and defeat Aquanox.

She will be a tough opponent, but not invincible. Rather, I rate her as one of the strongest bosses in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Of course, there is a detailed guide on how to defeat Aquanox in our Boss Guide. Defeat and rescue her, mai bois.

Land of Departure

The Land of Departure is a part of the world of darkness. You will have to move through this Land to save Aqua. Head to the second floor of the area and you will battle Vanitas.

Vanitas is one of the humanoid bosses in the game. You might remember him from the previous Kingdom Hearts series.

Anyways, he throws Fireballs and stuff. Follow our Boss Guide for an easy guide on how to counter this shadowy boi.

After defeating Vanitas, you will be asked to enter Yen Sid’s chambers. An event will be being hosted here. Watch it. Then, head for the world map and the big crossover fights will begin.

While abroad the Gummiship, defeat the giant pyramid. Just attack the pyramid using your Magical attacks and you are done. Head to the Keyblade Graveyard afterward.

Keyblade Graveyard

You will be forced to fight a horde of enemies here. Defeat the enemies and pass through the wasteland to finally reach the Final World.

A cutscene will play and you will be able to proceed to the second floor. After entering the second floor, examine the red crystal here.

A puzzle will basically pop up. Just rotate the cube and gather Sora’s fragments, who should be broken into 111 parts.

These fragments should be running around in the area. Collect ‘em all to progress. Examine the red crystal again and it should finally let you inside.

You will arrive in Olympus again, after gathering these fragments. You will notice that some Heartless are taking away Riku’s heart. Of course, you cannot stop them. They will ultimately run away through the dark portal.

The Lich here will stop you. The Lich is basically a boss of kinds. He uses illusion magic. If you attack one of his illusions, they will explode and deal massive damage.

Keyblade Graveyard Onwards

After defeating the Lich, proceed along the path and you will eventually run into a Demon Wave. Again. Use the Keyblades of the Keyblade Graveyard to keep them at bay. You will eventually get the Starlight Keyblade.

Of course, everything afterward is basically bosses fight. You can just follow our Bosses Guide after this.

After defeating all members of the Organization XIII, you will be teleported to the world of Scala Ad Caelum. Head towards the main hall.

After the cutscene, Sora and the gang should be somewhere in the town. Move through the town while defeating the unnamed enemies that are pursuing you. Of course, afterwards, battle and defeat the final boss of the game: Xehonart.

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