Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 7 Walkthrough Guide – Arrrr Caribbean

Welcome to Chapter 7 of Kingdom Hearts III. This Chapter will focus on the seventh world of Kingdom Hearts III: Caribbean. You may remember it from the movie series: Pirates of the Caribbean.

If you are looking for the previous chapter, you can find that in our Kingdom Hearts III Chapter 6 Guide.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Sora, Goofy, and Donald finally reunite with the ever–so–popular captain Jack Sparrow. They learn that captain Jack has the same goal as the gang, and the Organization: The shiny “box”.

Follow Captain Jack as he throws some ridiculous jokes at Sora and the gang. You will be teleported onto captain Sparrow’s ship. Your first job will be to battle the Heartless that are following this ship: Black Pearl.

After defeating the heartless, you will have to defend the Black Pearl from air attacks. This is until the Black Pearl is ready to go underwater. Take control of the ship and head for the ocean floor after you submerge into the water.

There should be a cave on the ocean floor. Go inside and you will find a treasure chest in the hall of this cave. Open it up and fight the Heartless fish that pops up almost immediately afterward.


Be careful though, the fish is slippery. Oh but it moves super slowly and attacks not very often. After defeating the giant fish, open the treasure chest once again and you will receive the ‘Ariel Link Summon’.

Follow this path and move along the side of the hall. You will eventually reach the exit of the cave. Swim back to the Black Pearl and resurface it to ocean waters. You will have very little time to head towards the Port Royal. Race as fast as possible.

You will eventually find a fleet and the captain of this fleet is none other than the oh–so–evil Xigbar. Destroy the fleet and successfully board Xigbar’s ship after you have defeated the ships.

Welcome to Port Royal

The cutscene on the ship does not really go too well for Sora and the gang.

The good thing is you can finally roam the Port Royal. Though, not for long. Your objective is to find some white crabs. They will basically be used to strengthen Black Pearl. Do not ask me. Ask Calypso.

After finding enough white crabs, ride the Leviathan. Basically, your aim is finding the shipwreck that is in the cove.

You will encounter a fleet of Heartless in your path. Battle them as you wish. After defeating the fleet of Heartless, enter the cove. Follow this path until you reach the big room where you will battle the Kraken.

Let no joyful voice be heard! let no man look up at the sky with hope! And let this day be cursed by we who ready to wake… THE KRAKEN!

You will battle the Kraken for some time, at least until Davy Jones gets here. Defeat Davy Jones and then Kraken with Davy Jones.

You can use our legendary Boss Guide for this exact purpose.

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