Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 6 Walkthrough Guide – Frosty Arendelle

Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 6 Walkthrough Guide with all the map locations, collectibles, boss fights, tips, and everything that happens in the sixth chapter.

Welcome to Chapter 6 of Kingdom Hearts 3. This chapter will focus on the sixth world of Kingdom Hearts III: Arendelle. You may remember it from the frosty movie ‘Frozen’.

If you are looking for the previous chapter, you can find that in our Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 5 Guide.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 6 Walkthrough

Let it goooo, let it gooo. Sora and the gang get teleported into the ice-cold world of Arendelle where the Organization has made their move.

The Organization XIII is interested in Elsa, the let–it–go, princess, for her amazing aptitude in controlling ice and snow. You must foil the Organization’s plans!

You will be teleported into the country of Arendelle. Your first objective will be to climb the mountains of Arendelle. It should be a pretty easy climb. Just follow the path and you will find your objective.

You will soon reach a cliff. You can free–run the cliff to climb it. No problem. After climbing the cliff, a cutscene will trigger at the canyon. Attack the ranged Heartless while avoiding the other ones. Defeat anyone in your path.

You will have to find and enter the Ice Labyrinth. The Ice Labyrinth is basically a closed castle made of ice. Yeah, that one. You can escape the Ice Labyrinth by climbing up the stairs.

Ice Labyrinth

After entering the Ice Labyrinth, slide down the pillar where you can see a Nobody. Following this path, slide down to the lower pillar again.

Follow the path into the hole that is to the side of the room you will end up in, and climb the cliff using Athletic Flow. Examine the upper floor that is to the south of you. You are basically looking for a black ball.

Arendelle, Again!

After the cutscene at the Ice Labyrinth, climb the canyon by free–running the several cliffs that are to both your left and right.

When you reach the top of the canyon, jump to the opposite side using Athletic Flow. You will find another cliff. Climb it to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene, follow the path until you reach a snowy mountain peak and the only way’s down. Slide down this path.

Olaf! Why Can’t You not be in Trouble?

And you will meet Olaf. At least, you will, if you find his pieces. You will need to find Olaf’s three body parts: Head, Arms, and Body. Here is a basic overview:

  1. Arms: His arms are basically wooden sticks. You can find them scattered near the frozen pond. Just roam the area and you will eventually find them. Eventually!
  2. Head: There should be a large snowball near the pond. Roll it over the pond until the snowball’s size decreases by so much that you can only see Olaf’s head.
  3. Body: Olaf’s body is basically beyond the frozen waterfalls. Climb the waterfalls using free–run and then heading down through the slope on the right. There will be two dummy bodies in this area. One of them is Olaf’s body.

After Olaf

You will have to defeat the waves of Heartless after fixing Olaf. After defeating Olaf, use the wind to glide to the top of the ice wall.

Follow this path to reach a cave where you will find the local Snow Monster. Slide down the snowy field after defeating the Snow Monster and a cutscene will follow at the foot of this mountain/field. After the cutscene, you should be inside a snowstorm. Just follow the path open to you and you will eventually get out.

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