Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 5 Walkthrough Guide – Not-So-Scary Monstropolis

Welcome to Chapter 5 of Kingdom Hearts 3. This Chapter will focus on the fifth world of Kingdom Hearts III: Monstropolis. You may remember it from the movie Monster Inc.

If you are looking for the previous chapter, you can find that in our Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 4 Guide.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 5

As soon as you begin moving in this world, Sora and the gang should be abroad the Gummiship. Your first job will be to fend off Dread Shark. It should not be a tough enemy.

After defeating the Dread Shark, you will eventually have to find and defeat a group of Unversed. After defeating this group of Unversed, head up to the Laugh Floor. You will find more Unversed here. Defeat ‘em while you can.

From the Laugh Floor, head to the warehouse. In the warehouse, you will find some rails. Use these rails to traverse and move about the map.

After successfully moving to the desired location, you will find a door. Beware though, on the way through the rails, you will find some enemies to fight. Use either your new ability, Scream Strike or whatever you wish.


Examine the door that you will arrive in after riding the rails. The door should lead to the Factory.

Enter the Monster Factory

After entering the Monster Factory, you will have to move along the Factory Isle. The factory isle should basically lead you to the conveyor belt. Stop and destroy the conveyor belt. Finally, deactivate the laser.

Follow this path and you will eventually the elevator. Move onto the second floor and eventually into the electrical room. There should be some Heartless here. Defeat ‘em. Stop the belt on this floor.

Follow the path and you will eventually reach the control room. There should be a Unversed here. Kill it before it can verse itself in the magical arts of whatever it is supposed to do.

Take the passage that leads to the power plant. You will find some Heartless here. Fend off the enemies and keep them at bay.

After intensely battling the Heartless at the end of the tank yard, ride the rails over the pipe and move into the door warehouse. You will have to defeat the giant Unversed here.

The giant Unversed is basically a balloon type monster that is able to deflect magic attacks in its first phase. It can also summon multiple hands from the ground.

After defeating the giant Unversed, approach the Twilight Town and approach the cafe. You will be granted access to 100 Acre Wood. And that is all for the Kingdom Hearts III Chapter 5.

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