Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide – The Complex Twilight Town

Welcome to Chapter 2 of Kingdom Hearts III. This chapter will focus on the second world of Kingdom Hearts III: Twilight Town. You may remember it from the movie Ratatouille. If you are looking for the previous chapter, you can find that in our Kingdom Hearts III Chapter 1 Guide.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 2 Walkthrough

The Twilight Town is one of the more beautiful and complex towns in Kingdom Hearts III.

As soon as you land up in Twilight Town, you will encounter Nobodies. Hit ‘em where it hurts. You can even use your new Link Summon for more fun.

After successfully defeating the Nobodies, a cutscene will trigger and you will meet up with some of your old pals from Twilight Town. A Demon Tide enemy is chasing them.

Intruder Alert: Demon Tide

The Demon Tide is a big snake-like enemy that is able to attack through both walls and floors. Keep your distance and use magic to defeat it.

Of course, you do not really need to defeat the Demon Tide. As soon as you bring down the Demon Tide’s health by 2.5 Gauges (The green boxes), the Demon Wave will go away.

Next Destination: Old Mansion

You will find a Save spot right next to the Train station. Oh, and you will find a Moogle Shop here. Save your game, buy/sell stuff and pack yo bags. It is time to go huntin’. You will find a Town Map in the Plaza.

Town Map

To find it more easily, just head left of Le Grand Bistrot. You will find a treasure chest. Open it up and here is your Town Map.

The Town Map basically makes your life a lot easier. Using the Town Map, head to the underground water system.

If you do not want to use the Town Map, just head to the southeast corner of Twilight Town and you will see a section that you can jump down to enter the underground water system.

Use this water system to head towards the forest that is just outside the Twilight Town. You will encounter some serious Heartless here. Defeat them.

Follow the path into the Forest after defeating the Heartless to encounter more Heartless and Nobodies in your path. Defeat them and clear your path.

You will eventually enter the Old Mansion through a cutscene and then regain control of Sora once you are facing the gate.

It is Time to Collect the 7 Dragon Balls, Erm- 9 Ingredients
Walk out the gate and make your way back into Twilight Town again.

You will now have to find 9 ingredients for our beloved Little Chef. These ingredients are scattered throughout the vast Twilight Town. Climb buildings, ledges and anything you can find to find these ingredients.

Of course, their spawn location is somewhat random, so we cannot exactly link those here. The ingredients are basically colored bowls. Other types of ingredients are basically takeout boxes. Attack them to gather them. Why? Cause it is a game.

After finding the 9 ingredients, the Classic Kingdom minigames will now unlock.

Additionally, you will also gain access to Shooting Star Keyblade.

And that is it for the Twilight Town. Of course, you can still explore this beautiful town and find unique content for you to explore. Perhaps some Easter Eggs too.

And when you are done, be sure to head over to Chapter 3 of Kingdom Hearts 3 Walkthrough Guide.

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