Kingdom Come: Deliverance Equipment Load Guide

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Equipment Load Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about your character's Equipment Load and how to increase your Inventory Space by increasing your 'Strength' attribute.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Equipment Load Guide to help you learn everything about your character’s Weight Limit and how to increase Inventory Space.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, like any other RPG, has a deep customization and leveling up system for the character. Knowing which attributes to level up and when could mean all the difference at the end of the day. Today, we will be discussing one of these attributes and how it directly influences the amount of load your character is liable to carry in the game.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Equipment Load

Like any other RPG, it is highly important for the character to have sufficient Equip Load as the player progresses in the game to collect rare items including Weapons and Potions.

The attribute of Strength is closely related to the Weight Limit of the player and can be increased via a number of ways all of which are quite dependent on the experience (XP) you gain from certain tasks.

Engaging in combat and emerging victorious will result in the character edging closer to that goal of leveling up the Strength stat. To monitor the progression, you can pause the game, and go under the player tab for the required XP that will allow you to reach the next level in the ‘Strength’ attribute.

Naturally, you can gain XP from completing missions from the main storyline and carrying out side-quests.

Another way of boosting Equip Load is by learning a skill under the ‘Strength’ attribute tree called ‘Mule’ that unlocks after reaching Level 4 Strength and adds 15 pounds of space to your inventory.

Levelling up the Strength stat more will allow you to unlock ‘Mule II’ and ‘Mule III’ that will help you end up with 47 pounds more for your Equip Load. Happy ending, right? Guess what, it doesn’t stop there!

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Your horse also plays a vital role when it comes to carrying heavy loads. Saddles on your horse can store more than 150+ pounds worth of goods and more to that, you can even upgrade the load carrying capacity of the saddle by purchasing better replacements for saddles located at horse vendors.

Switching goods between the saddle and your inventory is quick and as easy as the press of a button.

Try to travel light by not bringing everything with you. You can store items in your house in chest. Items that won’t be useful or are to be used later should be stored. Only bring crucial items that you’ll need along you.

Sell all your valuables instead of hording them (do not sell stolen items though). also, we’d recommend straight up throwing away items that are not useful, or those that you’ll probably not use anymore for a LONG LONG time, provided you can buy them later if needed.

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