Kingdom Come: Deliverance Developer Starts Crowd-Funding to Hire Better Voice Actors

Warhorse Studios has started their own crowd-funding program for Kingdom Come: Deliverance to hire better voice actors and performance capture.

The 15th-century medieval RPG by Warhorse Studios, Kingdom Come: Deliverance managed to net £1,106,371 from 35,384 backers on the game’s Kickstarter Project.

Previously, although the studio pledged only £300,000, it has kicked off its very own crowd-funding program which has promising rewards for those who are late to the party of backing up the game.

The crowd-funding program is not only confined to the new backers as the previous backers can also raise their status.

The next goal for the crowd-funding program is $2,000,000 so that the studio can hire better actors for both voice-overs and performance capture as it will enhance the gameplay experience:

We shall be able to hire better actors for both voiceovers and performance capture. This will enhance the atmosphere and immersion in the game.

Warhorse Studios has also stated that characters in the game will be very detailed 3D scans of real people.

In addition to this, they are also seeking to get figures in motion which is not only restricted to bodies but also stretches out to the faces of the characters with a technique called Performance Capture.


So for now it looks like we will use performance capture for the cut scenes, and some other solution, that allows batch processing of large amount of data for the branched dialogues and in-game stuff.

The weblog has also jotted down the tiers and rewards for the backers which are:

  • Peasant Tier – Pledge $5.00
  • Soldier Tier Digital – Pledge $25.00
  • Soldier Tier Physical – Pledge $35.00
  • Knight Tier Digital – Pledge $35.00
  • Knight Tier Physical – Pledge $45.00
  • Baron Tier Digital – Pledge $45.00
  • Baron Tier Physical – Pledge $55.00
  • Viscount Tier Digital – Pledge $75.00

For extensive information about each tier/reward and what Warhorse Studios is cooking for you, head over to their Pledge Page.

Kingdom: Come Deliverance is expected to launch in Q4 of 2015 on Microsoft Windows, OSX, and Linux. The developer has also confirmed an Xbox One and Playstation 4 version, but their release dates aren’t provided.

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