Killzone: The Complete Collection Surfaces, Likely A Hoax

Take heed that a Killzone: The Complete Collection has suddenly appeared out of nowhere but which is most likely a badly-designed hoax.

According to a promotional banner shared by an anonymous source earlier today, Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to release Killzone: The Complete Collection on PlayStation 5 and PC somewhere in late 2022. The collection will apparently feature the remastered versions of the first three mainline Killzone games as well as Killzone: Shadow Fall.

The only thing is that the promotional banner looks crude and lacks a finesse one would expect from a PlayStation-exclusive release. The PlayStation Studios’ logo is inverted to let through the background color and is hence different from the usual, official format. The artwork itself looks to be stitched together by an amateur with colors bleeding all over the place.

That and the mention of a remastered collection. The original Killzone was released on PlayStation 2 back in 2004. The game is nearly two decades old and in need of a complete remake instead of a mere remaster.

It goes without saying that fans would love to get their hands on an actual remastered or remade Killzone: The Complete Collection. However, the chances of that happening, at least through this rumored announcement, are pretty slim.

It also needs to be pointed out that the official Killzone website was put to rest earlier this year, which more or less retired the franchise for the near future.

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