Killzone Shadow Fall Patch 1.07 Brings Team Voice Chat and New Personalized Menu

Guerilla Games are steadily pouring out patches for their latest shooter. The Killzone Shadow Fall Patch 1.07 is the third patch for the game in last one month. Released today, it comes with one of the most requested feature; Team Based Voice Chat as well as Color Blind Support for those with vision impairments.

A post on the official website of the game has detailed some of the key features of the Killzone Shadow Fall Patch 1.07 which is said to have been an outcome of customer feedback. Here are some of the key components:

Team-Based Voice Chat
Probably the most requested feature of all, team-based in-game voice chat for Killzone Shadow Fall. It detects if you’re speaking and starts broadcasting automatically without you having to press a button. You can choose to have the voice chat broadcasts play through your controller/headset, or play them through your TV/speakers. Individual players or complete voice chat can be muted and you can also turn the voice chat system on or off in your Custom Warzones.

Color Blind Support
Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer now offers better support for players with color vision impairments. To activate color blind support, go to the Display section in the Options menu and choose from one of three settings.

Expanded Personalization Options
Killzone Shadow Fall Patch 1.07 paves the way for further personalization of your multiplayer character – not just through automata skins and spotlight moves, but also through custom Voice Packs, which will be available from the PlayStation Store soon.

HUD/Radar Improvements
By popular demand, we’ve made the objective icon slightly larger and changed the image so that it becomes more visible to players. In multiplayer, party members are now shown in blue on the radar, and base camp turret locations are now indicated on the radar by icons.

Other than this you can now customize voices for battle chatter in the multiplayer as well as use a new personalized menu for the multiplayer mode (check out the screens below). The patch also added an Invite to Party button on the player cards to increase accessibility for the Party system.

You will also experience an increased cloak run speed after your console has installed the Killzone Shadow Fall Patch 1.07 and be able to delete moderated warzones that you have created. Talking of Warzones, a new Warzone option will let you disable weapon drops.

The remote play button assignment has been updated and direct links have been added to the store for buying additional content for those who wish to spend more on the game they have come to love.

How well does the Team Voice Chat feature work for you?

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