Killzone Shadow Fall: How to Unlock All Abilities

When it comes to first-person shooters, particularly multiplayer, perks and in-game skills don’t count as much as your raw aim and agility, but it’s never too bad to utilize some extra juice when it’s available.

Killzone Shadow Fall is no different, as it offers you a specialized first-person shooter experience on the PlayStation 4, which encourages players to develop accuracy and speed, but it also adds in additional abilities to take use of.

Getting all these abilities can be a confusing task if you aren’t quite aware of what you are working for and what the requirements are. But if you’re serious about getting all the skills in the game, then you’ll need to things: determination, and patience. In fact, there’s a beefy trophy associated with this feat.

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Killzone Shadow Fall Jack of All Trades

Called the Jack of All Trades, this trophy requires you to max out all the abilities in the game. If you’re a hardcore trophy hunter and a completionist, this is the trophy that will up most of your time.

Even veterans of the series would actually get tired because of the time-consuming demands of certain abilities, but if you’re serious about it, you should try running the Penthouse level to complete this task.

Remember, that this is a multiplayer-based system, so there are direct benefits that will boost your success in the game if you get the abilities.

Abilities and How to Get Them

The following are the abilities of the game, categorized according to the classes. Note that each ability actually has 11 levels of upgrade. We will only be listing the total amount required to max out a specific ability, all the way from 1 to 11.

Most of the abilities emphasize on their use, and that is how they are upgraded, so make sure you practice using each one properly if you wish to upgrade them all.

You can view the progress of each ability from the Multiplayer menu. Just go to My Career and then Abilities.

Assault Class

Nano Shield – Kill 300 players while shooting through your shield

Stun Blast – Stun 500 enemy players with stun blast

Drone Buddy – Get 300 buddy drone kills


Tactical Echo – Tag 500 enemy players

Cloak – Kill 400 enemy players with the cloak active

Stun Drone – Stun 300 enemies with the Drone


Revive Drone – Revive 500 teammates with this drone

Spawn Beacon – Have 200 teammates spawn on your Spawn Beacons

Turret – Kill 400 enemy players with the Turret

Air Support – Kill 400 enemy players with the Air Support Drone

Supply Box – Resupply 250 teammates with Supply Boxes that you have deployed in the battlefield.

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