Killzone Mercenary Intel Locations and Contracts Guide

Killzone Mercenary
In Killzone Mercenary; there are a total of 9 contracts with each contract having 6 Intel. Out of these six; three of them are acquired by questioning special characters and the other three are for hacking terminals. This guide aims on helping you out with the locations of these Intel.

Note: There are two conditions which must be fulfilled after acquiring an Intel. First, you must reach the next checkpoint and secondly, you must complete the contract. In case, one of these conditions is not fulfilled; you will have to find the Intel all over again.

Killzone Mercenary Intel Locations

Justice for All

Signal from the Fleet
Location. Pretty straightforward to find! Ivanov will ask you to interrogate the Helghast Officer. Simply do it!

Briefing #573968
Location. Kill the first soldier and go into the room ahead to find a locked door. Look around the room for a broken window and drop down to ledge to get a terminal to hack.

Why We Fight
Location. To get this Intel, you will be required to get the officer in the Security Room out! Leave him there and go forward to find the destructible side of the building.

Crouch through the obstructions and you will see a pipe that you could use to ascend upwards. Once on the upper floor, you will see a valve that could be turned to open the access to Security Room but you need to careful as there will be some Helghast there.

Once you open the Security Room, lure the officer out to interrogate him!

Report #KL38T
Location. After abseiling down to the Courtroom; take the door on your left and kill the two Helghast soldiers inside! Now, hack the door and interrogate the officer inside.

Orders to Col. Kratec
Location. After abseiling down to the Courtroom; make way to the Blackjack’s Armoury. Activate the switch to get inside and hack the terminal.

Private Correspondence
Location. Right opposite to Blackjack’s Armoury; you will see a Conference Room which you would be able to get in by smashing the windows. Once inside the room, you will see a terminal.

Code of Engagement

The Autarch’s Command
Location. The open area which is exact opposite to rooms having snipers will have a terminal lying on the ground.

Cruiser Status Report
Location. Soon after ‘The Autarch’s Command’ Intel; move forward to find Helghasts interrogating Vektan soldiers. Get behind the officer and interrogate him.

Brief #PU49N
Location. After getting to the wing of the Cruiser, you will see a soldier that you need to interrogate.

Report #VR76M
Location. There will be a terminal right next to a Blackjack Armoury in the hall. It will be before the Server Room so make sure to hack it to get the Intel.

From High Command
Location. Soon after getting the ‘Report#VR76M’ Intel; you will be asked to find the Server Room. And just as you take the corner; you will see the soldier that you need to interrogate to get the Intel.

AC-15 Cargo Inventory
Location. After meeting up with the Ivanov, you will find the terminal right next to the door from where you need to head out.

Lightening Strike

Arc Battery Schematics
Location. Just as the mission starts, ascend upwards to find a room having a locked door and a window. Dash through the window to find a terminal.

Arc Network Report
Location. Make your way into the Generator Room and once inside; hack the terminal underneath a surveillance camera.

Defence Status Update
Location. After finding the ‘Arc Network Report’, go to the next room and you will see a soldier patrolling the area. Interrogate him!

Arc Technology
Location. The area exactly above the Generator Room will have a patrolling soldier that you need to interrogate to get the Intel. This is the same spot where Benoit tells you where the Arc Cannons get their power from!

Report #VR89K
Location. The area where you come across mount turrets and patrolling guards will the soldier that you need to interrogate at the backside – in Control Room.

Orders to Arc Batteries
Location. The last terminal of this contract can be found in the Control Room on the first floor.

Diplomatic Incident

Report #KL53U
Location. Ascend upwards using the ladder to find your first interrogation target. Unmissable!

Embassy Schematics
Location. The second officer that you need to interrogate can be found on a terrace soon after interrogating the first one. Again, very difficult to miss!

Asylum Request
Location. You will have to enter the first building and then move upwards. After doing so, hack the door on your left side and keep on moving to the office in the back to find a terminal near a bookshelf.

Orders to Task Force
Location. Keep on moving forward until you hear some Helghasts talking to each other. The third soldier that you need to interrogate can be found in a room on the second story of this area.

Scientific Research
Location. To find the second terminal of this contract, move to the area which is exactly below from where you interrogated the third soldier.

Intercepted Intelligence
Location. The last terminal of this contract can be found resting on a table soon after getting Boris and Justus downstairs.

The Package

District Police Orders
Location. Just as the mission starts, you will come across a civvy. Keep on moving forward until you get to an open area with a bunch of Helghasts at a distant location. However, the soldier you need to interrogate will be close by.

Directive #DB67H
Location. Following the previous piece of Intel; you will get to a point where you would have to unlock a door for Justus. Go inside this room to interrogate the soldier.

A Living Resource
Location. You will get attacked by a handful of Helghasts and a Stinger as soon as Justus lowers the bridge for you. Take them all out and you will see the terminal that you need to hack near the generator in this area.

Arrest Order #XV32U
Location. Ascend to the upper floor using the elevator and you will come across two Helghasts; one will be patrolling the area and the other one will be interrogating a civvy. Sneak behind the patrolling guard and take him out and you will have no problems interrogating the other soldier.

Report #VR95W
Location. After interrogating the soldier in previous Intel; move forward to find a terminal that could be hacked behind a small counter.

Stinger Field Assessment
Location. The final terminal that you need to hack in this contract will be in the room from where the Heavy Helghast came to take you down. Pretty easy to find!

Lights Out

Orders to Security
Location. Just as the level starts, take the stairs and move down. The soldier that you are required to interrogate will be roaming the area.

Refinery Schematics
Location. There will be a terminal that could be hacked in the same area from where you interrogated the soldier. It will be on a pillar!

Pyrrhus Refinery
Location. The spot where you placed the D-charge; go exactly above it to find the next terminal that could be hacked to get you the next piece of Intel.

Report# JL28X
Location. The area where get into the elevator; the next soldier will be right at your nose after getting out of the elevator. Also note that there will be surveillance camera in the vicinity, so make sure to take care of it before interrogating the soldier.

Meltdown Projection
Location. Later in the mission, you will have to destroy a turret and then go into a room to find a handful of Helghasts. Take them out first and then hack the terminal exactly opposite to a door which you will have to hack.

Seized Correspondence
Location. The last soldier that you need to interrogate for the Intel will be in the open area near the second turret.

Hostile Takeover

Exo Field Assessment
Location. You will see the first hackable terminal of this contract in a small area with openings on both sides. Really hard to miss!

Interrogation Protocols
Location. Following the scene where you will see a Helghast holding a civilian captive; you will find yourself in a large room. Standing on top of the stairs will be the first soldier that you need to interrogate for Intel.

Report# 5678D
Location. The next officer that needs to be interrogated can be found immediately after the previous one. All you need to do is to keep moving forward and you will get him in a room.

Eyes Only – Cmd. Benoit
Location. You will get into a room where a surety would be under interrogation from two officers. The terminal that you need to hack would be on a wall in this room.

Interrogation Transcript
Location. The sequence where you get outnumbered and scuppered by the enemy forces. The newly opened room from where more troops would enter will have the interrogation awaiting soldier. Don’t keep him waiting much!

Orders to Desist
Location. The very same room from where you got the previous Intel; the hackable terminal will be lying on a table.

Blood Money

Facility X01 Schematic
Location. After deactivating the AA Guns; make your way to the room from where the troops came and you will get the first hackable terminal attached to a wall.

The New Sun
Location. Another easy one to collect! All you need to do is to take the elevator down and you will find the soldier that you need to interrogate in order to get the Intel.

Eschaton Final Testing
Location. The hatch on the ground will provide you with the access to the lab containing the next hackable terminal.

Eshaton Plasmid Trigger
Location. The Control Room in lab# 01 will have the next hackable terminal. Hack it to get the another piece of Intel.

Demolition Orders
Location. The soldier whom you need to interrogate in order to receive the Intel will be standing outside the completely devastated lab.

Admiral Grey’s Statement
Location. The final Intel of this contract can be found out by interrogating the a special person which can be accessed by getting the D-charges and planting them inside the vault. Be ready! As you’ll be overwhelmed by ISA troops.

Exit Wounds

Report #KL78B
Location. Yet another unmissable piece of Intel! Get down the elevator to find the soldier that you need to interrogate standing almost right under your nose.

Eschaton Impact
Location. From the exact same area from where you got the previous Intel; head upstairs to find the easily spotted terminal on a wall. Hack it and the Intel is yours.

Blackjack Communications
Location. After taking care of two heavy Helghasts, Justus will throw a rope for you to climb. Don’t take it! Instead, see to your left to find a hackable terminal on a large pillar.

Project Red Dust
Location. To get to the next terminal; simply climb the rope that Justus threw and then climb the ladder. The hackable terminal will be on a wall to your left.

Assault Force Orders
Location. After taking the rope that Justus threw at you; a few troops will come in and attack you. Take them all out and then interrogate the soldier standing at the edge.

Retirement Plan
Location. The final Intel can be obtained by interrogating the final boss. The interrogation will work just like on any ordinary soldier. However, make sure that you don’t kill him otherwise you won’t be able to carry out the interrogation.

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