Killzone 3 Multiplayer Guide

Everything you need to know about the multiplayer aspect of Killzone 3.

Guide to Killzone 3 multiplayer mode with brief guides to classes, weapons, and game modes. The objective of this Guide is to get you started with the multiplayer aspect of Killzone 3.

Killzone 3 multiplayer menu provides you the following options:

  • Join
  • Preferences
  • Play With Buddies
  • Manage Squad Members
  • Unlocks
  • Create Clan
  • Statistics

Killzone 3 Multiplayer

You can join any game mode from here. Killzone 3 beta comes with three game modes that are:
Guerrilla Warfare – Standard team deathmatch.
Warzone – Constantly-evolving mission-based match.
Operations – Objective-based match where one team is on offense, the other on defense.

Here you can set your preferences for any game mode and game map and start the game instantly.

  • Guerrilla Warfare Preferred Map
  • Warzone Preferred Map
  • Operations Preferred Map

Play with Buddies
You will have your PSN friends listed under this option, and you can navigate and select any of these to send a pre-made squad invite or you can join a friend whose game is already in progress. Alternatively you can view a list of your Faction’s members during a game and invite them to your squad.

Manage Squad Members
From this menu, you can view the players that a currently in your Squad.


Hovering over the Unlocks menu selection brings up a list of the available jobs with a bar on what percentage of each job’s equipment has been unlocked. Clicking on it provides a detailed outline of what abilities and weapons you have unlocked for each class, as well as descriptions of each.

Create Clan
Here you can create your clan – enter the name of your clan with clan tag and that would appear on the leader boards of any of the tournament your clan participates in.

Run down of all the statistics, your kills, achievements, and other bullshit.

Game Types

Guerrilla Warfare
Standard Team Death Match, you need to achieve the pre-set goals and you are rewarded for completing other objectives, such as healing your teammates.

Goal to win is constantly changing as you play this mode, for once you will be hunting a specific guy and other instant you will be playing standard team death match and search and destroy after that. Basically, the two factions will be given an objective. Once it is completed, there will be a short intermission where the players can continue to move and get kills and points before moving onto the next objective.

The ISA and Helghast battle for control of specific objectives – the ISA is on the offensive, and the Helghast defending. The best players are featured throughout the match in cut-scenes depicting their successes.
Work in Progress!

Score and Ranking System

Ranking is similar to any other shooter. You kill, complete objectives, you are rewarded with points and those points in turn help you rank up and unlock stuff. The number of points it takes to rank up grows exponentially.

Killzone 3 is different, however, in that you don’t unlock anything by ranking up (minus a handful of perks) – instead, with each ranking, you receive an unlock point, which you can use to unlock what you want.

Here’s a breakdown of how you can earn points in Killzone 3:

100 pts. for a standard kill.
150 pts. for a headshot kill.
150 pts. for melee kill.
150 pts. for an explosive kill.
25 pts. for a kill assist.

Job Related
50 pts. for revive/repair/etc.
50 pts. for destroying an enemy bot.

Match Bonus
25 pts. for 5 kills with the same weapon.
25 pts. for 10 kills.
50 pts. for 10 kills with the same weapon.
100 pts. for most kills.
100 pts. for longest killstreak.
100 pts. for best kill/death ratio.
100 pts. for most revives/repairs/etc.

Match Bonus Multipliers
x1.5 for being on the winning team.
x1.375 for a draw.
x1.25 for being on the losing team.

Class Unlocks

Every time you go up a rank, you earn unlock points. These points can be used to unlock things in the ranks that you want to use. The only exception are some special perks and explosives that are awarded as you rank up. But for the most part, all abilities and weapons are earned with unlock points.

The first primary ability, and the first primary weapon are unlocked automatically at the beginning. The first secondary ability and the first secondary weapon have to be unlocked, and cost one point each. Each subsequent unlock in each category costs one more point that the one before it. It must also be noted that each category must be unlocked in order – the first secondary ability is a pre-requisite for unlocking the second secondary ability, and so on.

Following are the unlock points required to unlock all the abilities of each class.


Primary Abilities[0] Repair Tool[2] Repair Tool+[3] Repair Tool++

Secondary Abilities[1] Sentry Turret –[2] Sentry Turret +[3] Sentry Turret ++

Primary Weapons[0] M224-1A LMG[2] STA11 SMG[3] STA3 LMG

Secondary Weapons[1] STA18 Pistol[2] VC8 Shotgun Pistol[3] STA2 Battle Pistol


Primary Abilities[0] Cloak Suit[2] Cloak Suit+[3] Cloak Suit++

Secondary Abilities[1] Scramble[2] Scramble+[3] Scramble++

Primary Weapons[0] STA14 Rifle[2] STA11 SMG[3] VC32 Sniper Rifle

Secondary Weapons[1] STA18 Pistol[2] VC8 Shotgun Pistol[3] M66 Machine Pistol


Primary Abilities[0] Tactics[2] Tactics+[3] Tactics++

Secondary Abilities[1] Recon[2] Recon+[3] Recon++

Primary Weapons[0] STA11 SMG[2] M224-1A LMG[3] STA14 Rifle

Secondary Weapons[1] STA18 Pistol[2] M4 Revolver[3] VC9 Missile Launcher


Primary Abilities[0] Disguise[2] Disguise+[3] Disguise++

Secondary Abilities[1] Survivalist[2] Survivalist+[3] Survivalist++

Primary Weapons[0] LS13 Shotgun[2] STA11 SMG[3] STA52 Assault Rifle

Secondary Weapons[1] STA18 Pistol[2] STA2 Battle Pistol[3] VC9 Missle Launcher

Field Medic

Primary Abilities[0] Revive[2] Revive+[3] Revive++

Secondary Abilities[1] Triage[2] Triage+[3] Triage++

Primary Weapons[0] STA11 SMG[2] LS13 Shotgun[3] M82 Assault Rifle

Secondary Weapons[1] STA18 Pistol[2] M4 Revolver[3] M66 Machine Pistol

Multiplayer Classes Guide

Read Killzone 3 Multiplayer Class Guide.

Weapons Guide

Read Killzone 3 Weapons Guide.

Multiplayer Trophies

Most of the trophies in Killzone 3 are based on doing no. of kills using a specific weapon, or completing a certain objective in a specific game mode or map.

Kill – Based Trophies
STA18 Pistol – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/250/500 kills, Expert – 50 headshots.

M4 Revolver – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/250/500 kills, Expert – 50 headshots.

M66 Machine Pistol – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/250/500 kills, Expert – 50 headshots.

VC8 Shotgun Pistol – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/250/500 kills, Expert – 50 headshots.

STA11 SMG – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 100/500/1000 kills, Expert – 100 headshots.

LS13 Shotgun – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/250/500 kills, Expert – 100 headshots.

STA52 Assault Rifle – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 100/500/1000 kills, Expert – 100 headshots.

M82 Assault Rifle – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 100/500/1000 kills, Expert – 100 headshots.

STA14 Rifle – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 100/500/1000 kills, Expert – 100 headshots.

VC32 Sniper Rifle – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/250/500 kills, Expert – 100 headshots.

M224-1A LMG – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 100/500/1000 kills, Expert – 100 headshots.

STA3 LMG – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 100/500/1000 kills, Expert – 100 headshots.

STA2 Battle Pistol – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/250/500 kills.

VC9 Missile Launcher – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/250/500 kills.

Mounted Wasp – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/250/500 kills.

Mounted Minigun – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/250/500 kills.

Brutal Melee – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/100/250 kills.

Frag Grenade – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/100/250 kills.

Proximity Mine – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/100/250 kills.

Objective-Based Trophies
Capture & Hold – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/100/250 point/area captures.

Search & Retrieve – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/100/250 speaker retrievals.

Search & Destroy – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/100/250 bombs planted.

Bomb Defusal – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/100/250 bombs defused.

Assassination: Execution – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 25/50/100 assassination.

Assassination: Survivor – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 5/10/25 kills.

Ability-Based Trophies
Repairman – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 100/500/1000 repairs.

Sentry Turret – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/100/250 sentry kills.

Cloaked Kills – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 250/500/1000 kills while cloaked.

Tactical Spawn – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 25/50/100 spawn point captures.

Sentry Drone – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/100/250 flying sentry drone kills.

Revival – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/100/250 teammate revivals.

Medi-Droid – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 50/100/250 kills using medi-droid.

Disguised Kills – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 250/500/1000 kills while disguised.

Map-Based Trophies
Jetpack Pilot Killer – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 25/50/100 kills of players using jetpacks.

Exoskeltons Destroyed – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 25/50/100 exoskeletons destroyed with players inside.

E.M.P. – Bronze/Silver/Gold – 25/50/100 E.M.P. shutdowns in Turbine Concourse SE-6.

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