Killzone 3 Multiplayer Classes Guide

Which Killzone 3 multiplayer class is best for you?

There are 5 main classes in Killzone 3. The Engineer, Infiltrator, Medic, Marksman, and the Tactician. Each of them comes with their unique abilities and attributes.

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Killzone 3 Multiplayer Classes

Lets take a look at the Killzone 3 multiplayers classes and see what unique attributes each of the class comes with and how you can use these attributes to your advantage.


Primary Abilities
Repair Tool & Repair Tool+ – The repair tool is used for repairing ammunition dispensers, mounted guns and automated turrets. The repair tool+ just increases the repairing speed.

Repair Tool++ – The repairing tool++ differs from the other two, as with this ability you can hack the enemy turrets, and take control of these until the enemies hack them again or destroy them.

Secondary Abilities
Sentry Turret & Sentry Turret+ – The following ability allows the engineer to deploy a turret which automatically fires on the enemy. In the sentry turret+ the deployment is faster, and the turret’s fire rate is increased.

Sentry Turret++ – These turrets fire rockets instead of bullets.

Primary Weapons
M224-1A (Light-Machine Gun) – A strong LMG with iron sights.

STA11 (Sub-Machine Gun) – One of the best weapons for close-range fights.

STA3 (Light-Machine Gun) – It has a higher rate of fire and large ammunition clip. Can clear out a room in a couple of seconds.

Secondary Weapons
STA18 Pistol – Semi-Automatic Pistol

VC8 Shotgun Pistol – A perfect weapon to make a hole in the enemy.

STA2 Battle Pistol – This is more like a perk, carry more grenades with increased range.

Place turrets strategically over or beneath obstacles that other players will be watching over as it will increasing the chances of getting a kill. Don’t place turrets too close to objectives as they will become easy targets for enemies. Any Assaulter can destroy your turrets if they are easy to shoot.

One thing you need to keep in mind is, turrets have impressive range so they will do the job more effectively if they are not too close to the objective and hard to spot/shoot at. Make use of the range of the turrets.

You can easily capitalize on turret kills to unlock repair abilities and then use your repair ability to repair the broken or destroyed friendly turrets. Your job is to stop the enemy from completing its objective so destroy enemy turrets even if you have to. It will only spoil their plans or at least stop them from destroying friendly targets.


Primary Abilities
Tactics, Tactics +, Tactics ++ – Tactician can capture Tactical Spawn Areas, so your teammates can spawn from there. Tactics+ reduces the time to capture the areas by half and the Tactics++ reduces the time to capture spawn area even further.

Secondary Abilities
Recon – Enemies within 30 yards of your range will be marked on the map.

Recon+ – It will call a sentry drone to attack the enemies to the area you choose.

Recon++ – This upgrades the sentry drone, allowing it to fire and track faster.

Primary Weapons
STA11 (Sub-Machine Gun) – Automatic weapon for close range fights.

M224-1A (Light Machine Gun) – Spray it Damn It!

STA14 Rifle – A semi-automatic rifle.

Secondary Weapons
STA18 Pistol – Standard semi-automatic pistol.

M4 Revolver – One shot will heavily damage the enemy, or kill the one who has taken some damage already.

VC9 Missile Launcher – This can destroy the turrets in a single shot, something we all need in the battlefield.

Making sure your team is in control of the nearest spawn point can make all the difference. It will be crucial in aiding you with reinforcements when you are killed. If your team doesn’t have a tactician, you can take it to yourself to do the job as it can really be a deciding factor. Try to flank the enemy and capture the spawn points. Upgrade since this will make it quicker for you to capture spawn points as it will provide necessary time advantage to enable you pull these stunts even with enemies around though that can be a stupid thing to do at times if you catch attention.

Even though, you have successfully captured spawn point but that won’t help your team and they will end up dead meat anyway if your opponents are smart enough. So be slick when in capturing spawn points and use them tactically to your advantage, always go for one that is less guarded.

Don’t call Sentry Drone into open places in hopes of keeping that thing in air for a while and saving it from turrets. Calling the Sentry Drone in more busy sections of the map will get you more kills than to let that useless thing fly in the open areas of the amp and be an easy target for turrets.

Busy sections of the map will most probably have the turrets destroyed, and will provide equal opportunity to the drone to kill. Because of their poor aim, they are mostly useless though you can use them as an extra gun when you are defending.


Primary Abilities
Disguise – Work like a spy, enemies will consider you your own.

Disguise+ – Infiltrators are undetectable by Engineer Turrets, Sentry Drones and Medi-Droids.

Disguise++ – Perform melee attacks without losing your disguise.

Secondary Abilities
Survivalist – It will increase the stamina by 50% and your sprint speed will increase.

Survivalist+ – Unlimited Stamina.

Survivalist++ – Actions are done 50% faster.

Primary Weapons
LS13 Shotgun – It is a powerful semi-automatic shotgun with a reflex scope.

STA11 SMG – Good close range weapon.

STA52 Assault Rifle – Standard issued assault rifle equipped with a reflex scope.

Secondary Weapons
STA18 Pistol – Standard Semi-Automatic Pistol

STA2 Battle Pistol – Carry more grenades with increased range.

VC9 Missile Launcher – VC9 can destroy the turrets in a single shot.

If you are a type of player that likes to sneak in and get the job done then this class is for you. Infiltrators sneak into enemies by blending rather than relying on stealth. You will start off with a shotgun – very difficult to master in Killzone 3 though perfect for close range combat. When you are disguised as enemies, avoid getting caught up in fire fights. They would be expecting infiltrators so be slick – try to sneak in behind and make it look to the enemies that you are reaching for the same objective. Be patient and wait for the perfect moment to inflict damage.

Field Medic

Primary Abilities
Revive – Wounded friendlies are revived with a clip of ammo and full health.

Revive+ – Wounded friendlies are revived with two clips of ammo, an explosive and more then maximum health.

Revive++ – Wounded friendlies are revived with maximum ammo and explosives.

Secondary Abilities
Triage – Health is emitted from the field medic, which heals himself and the near-by members.

Triage+ – Deploys a Medi-Droid which helps the medic till death.

Triage++ – At the end of the respawn timer, if you’re mortally wounded then you will be given the choice to respawn from the same area with full health and ammo.

Primary Weapons
STA11 (Sub Machine Gun) – One of the best weapons for close-range fights.

LS13 Shotgun – It is a powerful semi-automatic shotgun with a reflex scope.

M82 Assault Rifle – Assault rifle with a reflex scope.

Secondary Weapons
STA18 Pistol – Semi-Automatic Pistol

M4 Revolver – One shot will heavily damage the enemy, or kill the one damaged.

M66 Machine Pistol – Perfect for close range and surprised kills. Equipped with a reflex scope and a silencer.

You start off with fairly scratch weaponry especially for the long range combat but that won’t be much of a problem since you will most probably be engaged in close combat. But if you can, purchase upgrade as early as possible or you will have to rely mostly on lying weaponry whenever you spawn.

Reviving is different in Killzone 3 as compared to Killzone 2, now you need to stick to the ally body quite close in order to revive him so you can’t pull off crazy stunts of revival, or go run and revive when enemies are near. So wait for an opportunity before attempting to revive or atleast clear the effective area.

Reviving someone tactically can make all the difference. As a medic stay close to the offensive forces as this is where you can make all the difference. But, who you should revive is a simple yet very important question.

Don’t revive people who end up dead near the turrets. Don’t people when they died fighting with a pistol unless and until you are sure they were low on ammo, and weren’t doing fun play.

Revive people who have been taken out from the range. Revive who got busted in capturing zones. Revive the squad leader always.

Dropping health packs near objectives can be very helpful while defending as taking an health restores a large chunk of the health. Dropping the health packs at the run through points also can be very helpful in providing the boast and getting your teammate to the drop off point.

You may want to unlock Triage set of abilities first since upgrading revive will only give your allies more ammo while the last tier of upgrade can really enhance your role on the battlefield.


Primary Abilities
Cloak Suit & Cloak Suit+ – You can stay cloaked for a definite time, your cloak will be disabled if you fire a weapon and will gradually decrease when you move. Whereas Cloak Suit+ will remain for an indefinite time but it also is disabled by when you fire/move.

Cloak Suit++ – Stay cloaked while firing, damaging an enemy will cause the cloak to ripple for a particular time. Whereas killing an enemy or mortally wounding him will result in the cloak to be disabled unless you are using a silenced weapon.

Secondary Abilities
Scramble – Allies within 15 meters of your range will not show up on the enemy radar. Even when they are firing.

Scramble+ – Marksmen will not be revealed to the enemy’s radar, even if they use their recon ability.

Scramble++ – Enemy radars (within 15 meters) are disabled.

Primary Weapons
STA14 Rifle – Semi-automatic rifle

STA11 SMG – Good weapon for close range.

VC32 Sniper Rifle – Capable of killing the most in a single shot, with zoom ability.

Secondary Weapons
STA18 Pistol – Semi-Automatic Pistol.

VC8 Shotgun Pistol – Perfect weapon in short range.

M66 Machine Pistol – Perfect for close range and surprised kills. Equipped with a reflex scope and a silencer.

Marksman can be deadly long range sniper or hidden up close depending on how you choose your load-out. If you want to engage in long range combat, go for one shot rifle or the VC32 sniper rifle. Or, you can equip yourself with the StA52 and the Machine Pistol to sneak peak behind enemy lines with your cloak ability. But when you are cloaked, move slowly or the enemies will detect you.

Cloak upgrade and Scramble should be your first choice. Upgrading Scramble to tier 2 will counter the Tacticians Recon ability and tier 2 cloak will allow indefinite cloak use.

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