Killzone 3 Career Rank Up Guide

As you will level up in Killzone 3 multiplayer, you will unlock certain perks and rewards.

Killzone 3 career rank up guide will walk you through all the aspects of the Killzone 3 Ranking System and perhaps how you rank up fast in multiplayer.

Killzone 3 Career Rank Up

Career Ranks in Killzone 3 multiplayer will keep you engaged as there are many things to explore and upgrade. Killing enemies is not the only way to earn XP. You can earn points by hacking enemy turret, reviving your mate or even by repairing a mounted weapon.

XP Scores

ActionRequirementXP Points
RepairRepair an ammo Box or a mounted  weapon50
HackHack an enemy’s turret50
ReviveRevive a teammate50
Area CapturedFully capture a tactical spawn area5

Kill Scores

ActionRequirementXP PointsApplicable bonuses
Standard KillAny Kill100Double kill xp, Headshot, Explosive, Jetpack
AssistShoot a player which is then killed in next 10 seconds25
Bot KillYour Medi-Droid kills an enemy100Double kill xp, Headshot, Jetpack
Turret killYour sentry turret kills an enemy100Double kill xp, Headshot, Jetpack
Sentry killYour sentry drone kills an enemy player100Double kill xp, Headshot, Jetpack
Bot DestroyedDestroy an enemy medi-drone50
Turret DestroyedDestroy an enemy sentry turret50
Sentry DestroyedDestroy an enemy sentry drone50
EXO DestroyedDestroy an EXO that is handled by an enemy player200Double kill xp and Explosive

Objective Based Scores

You gain this amount of XP when you complete the corresponding objectives/goals/challenges.


Bonus Scores

BonusAction RequiredXP Points
First BloodGet the first kill of the map100
Double KillKill 2 enemies within 2 second period50
Tripple KillKill three enemies within a 4 second gap100
Multi KillKill 4 or more enemies within a 4 second gap150
ExplosiveKill an enemy with any explosive attack50
MeleeKill an enemy with any melee attack50
HeadshotKill an enemy with headshot50
JetpackKill a jetpack pilot while they are airborne50
Kill Streak of 3Kill three players without dying50
Kill Streak of 5Kill 5 players without dying100
Kill Streak of 10Kill 10 players without dying15

Special Actions – XP Scores

NameAction RequiredXP Points
Disarm E.M.PDisarm the E.M.P on Turbine Concourse SE 6 before it is activated150
Crusher KillKill an enemy player by using the crusher on Mawlr graveyard150

Objective Mode – XP Scores

NameAction RequiredXP PointsObjective ModesBonuses
AssassinAssassin target downed250AssassinationDouble Kill XP, Headshot, Explosive, Jetpack
ExecutionerAssassination target killed250AssassinationDouble Kill XP, Melee, Explosive, Jetpack
Deadly AssassinAssassination downed and then killed500Assassination
SurvivorSurvived as the assassin target500Assassination
BodyguardDefended the assassination target100Assassination
Charge PlacedPlace a D- charge250Search & Destroy
Demolition ManPlace a D- charge that destroys the objective area250Search & Destroy
Demolition ExpertPlace both D- charges that destroy the objective area500Search & Destroy
D-charge DisarmedDisarm a D- charge250Search & Destroy
Red/Green WireKilled a player that is disarming the explosive50Search & DestroyDouble Kill XP, Melee, Headshot, Jetpack
DefuseKill a player who is placing the explosives50Search & DestroyDouble Kill XP, Melee, Headshot, Jetpack
Area NeutralizedReach a captured area and neutralize it50Capture & Hold
Area CapturedBe inside an area when your team captures it200Capture & Hold
ScavengerCapture the scavenger area250Scavenge & Retrieve
Speaker PickupPick the speaker battery50Search & Retrieve
Speaker ReturnedSuccessfully drop off the battery500Search & Retrieve
Carrier KillerKill the player that is carrying propaganda speaker/battery50Search & RetrieveDouble Kill XP, Melee, Headshot, Jetpack


You get Accolades reward at the end of the match for being distinct in the following ways. Accolades are further divided into four tiers and the amount of XP you will gain is dependend on the tier of the specific accolade you are rewarded.

Solo Accolades

NameRequirementGame ModesXP Points
Best K/D RatioBest kill to death ratioAll100
Zero Deaths 30 Kills30+ kills without dyingAll250
Runner up ChampionFinish second overallAll75
Most Valuable PlayerGet the most kills and complete the most objectivesWZ. OPS100
Most Mission PointsComplete the most objectivesWZ, OPS100
Longest Kill StreakKill the most players in a row without dyingAll100
Flawless VictoryYour faction wins with zero mode losesWZ250
ChampionFinish first overallAll100

Tiered Accolades

Weapon Kill Accolades

NameTier 1 req. (Kills)Tier 2 req. (Kills)Tier 3 req. (Kills)Tier 4 req. (Kills)
KillsMost kills302010
AssistsMost assists10 assists15 assists5 assists
Melee KillsMost melee kills15105
StA18 Pistol Kills15105
LS57 SMG Kills15105
StA11 SMG Kills15105
Sta11E SMG Kills15105
M224-1A LMG Kills15105
LS13 Shotgun Kills15105
StA52 Assault Rifle Kills15105
StA52SE Assault Rifle Kills15105
M82 Assault Rifle Kills15105
StA14 Assault Rifle Kills15105
VC32 Sniper Rifle Kills15105
Proximity Mine Kills15105
M194 Frag Grenade Kills15105
VC9 Rocket Launcher Kills15105
StA2 Battle Pistol Kills15105
VC8 Shotgun Pistol Kills15105
M66 Machine Pistol Kills15105
M4 revolver Kills15105
Mounted Minigun Kills15105
Mounted WASP Kills15105

Head Shot Kill Accolades

NameTier 1 req.(Kills)Tier 2 req. (Kills)Tier 3 req, (Kills)Tier 4 req. (Kills)
Head ShotMost Head Shots7510
StA18 Pistol HS755
LS57 SMG HS755
StA11 SMG HS755
StA11-E SMG HS75
M224-1A LMG HS755
LS13 Shotgun HS755
StA52 Assault Rifle HS755
StA52SE Assault Rifle HS755
M82 Assault Rifle HS755
StA14 Assault Rifle HS755
VC32 Sniper Rifle HS755
Proximity Mine HS755
M194 Frag Grenade HS755
VC9 Rocket Launcher HS755
StA2 Battle Pistol HS755
VC8 Shotgun Pistol HS755
M66 Machine Pistol HS755
M4 revolver Kills755

Kill Accolade Tier Legend

TierXP Rewarded

Special Kill Accolades

NameTier 1 KillsTier 2 KillsTier 3 KillsTier 4 Kills
EXO Kills30 kills in EXO20 kills10 kills
Jetpack Kills15 kills using the Jetpack10 kills5 kills

Class Specific Accolades

NameTier 1 req.Tier 2 req.Tier 3 req.Tier 4 req.
RevivesMost revives15 revives10 revives5 revives
Medi-Droid Kills7 Medi-Droid kills5 Medi-Droid kills3 Medi-Droid kills
Turret Kills7 kills with a turret5 kills with a turret3 kills with a turret
RepairsMost objects repaired30 objects repaired20 objects repaired10 objects repaired
Cloaked KillsMost kills while cloaked15 kills while cloaked10 kills while cloaked5 kills while cloaked
Tactical Spawn Areas CapturedMost TSAs captured8 TASAs captured5 TASAs captured2 TASAs captured
Sentry Drone Kills7 sentry drone kills5 sentry drone kills3 sentry drone kills
Disguised KillsMost kills while disguised15 kills while disguised10 kills while disguises5 kills while disguises

Career Ranks

When you play Killzone 3 online, your overall performance is recorded and you earn experience points and based on your experience points earned, you will be rewarded following ranks.

RankXP RequiredSkill UnlockedUnlock Points Awarded
Private I7501
Private II20001
Private III37501
Lance Corporal I60001
Lance Corporal II8750Armor1
Lance Corporal III120001
Corporal I157501
Corporal II200001
Corporal III247501
Sergeant I30250Proximity mines and Silent Footsteps1
Sergeant II365002
Sergeant III435002
Sergeant-Major I515002
Sergeant-Major II605002
Sergeant-Major III70500Extra Ammo2
Lieutenant I810002
Lieutenant II927502
Lieutenant III1070002
Captain I1237502
Captain II143000Extra Primary Weapon2
Captain III1647503
Major I1890003
Major II2157503
Major III2475003
Lieutenant-Colonel I2842503
Lieutenant-Colonel II3260003
Lieutenant-Colonel II3727503
Colonel I4245003
Colonel II4812503
Colonel III5480003
Brigade-General I6247504
Brigade-General II7115004
Brigade-General III8082504
Lieutenant-General I9150004
Lieutenant-General II10317504
Lieutenant-General III11685004
Major General I13252504
Major General  II15020004
Major General III16987504
General I19258504
General II21929505
General III25000505
Commander I2957150
Commander II3714250

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