Killer is Dead Scarlett Locations Guide – Where To Find

In Grasshopper Manufacture’s latest entry, Killer is Dead, challenges are unlocked by finding Scarlett. There are a total of 20 Scarlett(s) in the game that will spawn during different episodes.

Once you spot her, press the A button to unlock the corresponding challenge.

Killer is Dead Scarlett Locations

Note: Episode# 1, 2, 5, 8, 11, and 12 don’t have any Scarlett(s) that need finding. As for finding them on other chapters, read below!

Episode #3

Scarlett #1
Location. The first one is easy enough to find. Just as the episode starts, ascend the stairs and you will see her.

Scarlett #2
Location. When you move into the hub which is actually M. C. Escher room, find a pink heart platform on the ground and stand on it. It will levitate you to the next Scarlett.

Scarlett #3
Location. After the woman makes a stairway for you from the pianoforte keys, you will see a lot of sculptures in the long corridor. Destroy them all and final Scarlett on this episode will appear before you.

Episode #4

Scarlett #4
Location. After being taken into the mirror, look to your left and dash the jars. Use your Drill Arm to break through the wall to find the Scarlett.

Scarlett #5
Location. From the same room where you found the last Scarlett, ascend the stairs and break the jars to unveil a hidden button and push it. Now go to the room that has been unlocked and dash all the jars there to get the Scarlett.

Scarlett #6
Location. Just before taking on David (Boss fight), you will have to go back to main hall to go through the mirror. Instead, heed to the sounds that Scarlett make and go up to the balcony to find her.

Episode #6

Scarlett #7
Location. After Vivienne leaves you, descend the stairs and dash all the boxes below to get the Scarlett.

Scarlett #8
Location. You will see a Green Door in large round room. Right next to it, you will find a room with a television. Destroy the television and a secret button will be unveiled. Press the button to find the next Scarlett.

Scarlett #9
Location. Go into the Green Room cited above and before going up, dash the box in front of you to get the last Scarlett of this chapter.

Episode #7

Scarlett #10
Location. Go to the bridge near the falls and you will see an orb enemy there. Destroy the orb enemy and a tree will come down. The Scarlett will be in the cave just behind the falls.

Scarlett #11
Location. In this episode, you will come across a house depicting typical Japanese tradition. Move all the way back to the house and you will find loads of bamboos and other things. Dash the white bamboos and the Scarlett will appear before you.

Scarlett #12
Location. After having found all the scrolls, the massive gates will open for the boss fight. Do not go straight to trigger a dialogue. Instead, move left and get the last Scarlett of this chapter.

Note: This is an open map so it’s not necessary that you will find Scarlett(s) in the same order as afore mentioned.

Episode #9

Scarlett #13
Location. Use the gun turret to clear the area and go to the path that will open. Scarlett will be there in the corridor. You may have to smash some boxes to get her.

Scarlett #14
Location. Take out all the eyeball enemies on the stairway and you will move into a room where you must fight off enemies to open up the doors. Kill all the enemies and dash all the boxes to unlock the door. Enter it and turn left to find a drill-able wall and Scarlett.

Scarlett #15
Location. Dash to the bridge after Vivienne helps you and take the door to your left. You will find the Scarlett inside that room.

Scarlett #16
Location. After evading the Big Head’s laser, you will land on a stairway with a green button before you. Don’t press the button as it will initiate the boss fight. Instead, go down and smash the boxes to reveal the Scarlett.

Episode #10

Scarlett #17
Location. You will move into a room with beds. Look closely behind the beds as the third one will have a fingerprint board, interact with it and the Scarlett will spawn into that very room.

Scarlett #18
Location. You will have to open a door by shooting two electrical circuits. Doing so will swarm you with enemies. Kill them all and use the incline to go to the gauntry above. Dash a crate there to find the Scarlett.

Scarlett #19
Location. After ending the gun enclosure sequence, don’t go into the red room straight-away as you won’t be able to come back. Instead, look for a ravel nearby. Climb it up to get the next Scarlett.

Scarlett #20
Location. While on the train, you will have to crouch ofttimes to evade the signals above your head. Smash the crates to your right to get the last Scarlett of the game.

If you found something missing or you couldn’t find a particular Scarlett, let us know and we’ll be glad to help.

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