“Known Issue” Has Apparently Killed An Xbox Series X Console

There seem to be legitimate cases where Xbox Series X consoles are dying within days. At least one user has come forth with his dead console.

There seem to be legitimate cases where Xbox Series X consoles are dying within days. These though have nothing to do with the recent vaping scare that proved to be nothing but a hoax.

Posting on ResetEra earlier today, user “Arnie” stated that his day-one Xbox Series X console died within a day of use. He has since then been in contact with Xbox support who have confirmed “a known issue” to be resulting in “a lot of calls” since launch. The issue though has not been clarified at the time of writing.

“Setup my Series X on the 10th and began playing Gears, and downloading some stuff from Game Pass. Everything worked fine,” said the Xbox Series X owner. “I arrive home from work on the 11th in the evening and go to turn the console on and… nothing. No ding. No light. No power.”

“I spoke to their support, they said that this was a known problem and they’re facing a lot of calls on the issue today, all with the same problems,” he continued. “The Sales Team repeated that it’s a known issue and they want to help as much as they can.”

Microsoft has given the disappointed Xbox Series X owner two options: get the console repaired within a couple of weeks for free while under warranty or pay £25 extra for a faster, one-week repair.

When some consumers were pulling pranks yesterday to claim overheating issues, Microsoft stated that it takes “all product safety reports seriously” and will investigate further to ensure industry standards. This here does not appear to be an overheating issue, at least not from the outside.

The bottom line remains though that every console launch has a few defective units. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One had their fair share of cases back then. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will likely not be any different. No to mention that COVID-19 threw a wrench into every industry out there, including manufacturing. There hence is a risk factor involved, as always, to purchase a new console at launch. The safest bet being to wait for the second or third iteration.

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