Kerbal Space Program 2 Promises Bigger Game, Colony Building, New Parts

Several years ago, the video game developer Squad released Kerbal Space Program for PCs and eventually consoles, a space launch simulator game where you built various rockets and space stations for a race called the Kerbals to explore space with. Now, a Kerbal Space Program 2 has been announced at Gamescom 2019, promising even more space exploration.

Due to Squad’s rather small size, the studio Star Theory has taken up the responsibility of developing its sequel, led by creative direct Nate Simpson. However, the studio has still been working closely with Squad to ensure the spirit of the Kerbals is still there.

Kerbal Space Program, when it came out in Early Access in 2011, had a large amount of popularity due to the sheer amount of customizing that you could do when it came to building your spaceships, along with the amusement of watching the Kerbal crews panicking as your shoddily-built spaceship smashes into the ground.

Kerbal Space Program 2, however, is promising a large amount of new content, including new spaceship types, interstellar travel, new terrain for planets, and more. However, the game won’t be departing from its hard sci-fi routes.

Simpson says that while you can go up the game’s tech tree to the point of being able to do interstellar travel and space colonies, that doesn’t mean that there will be warp drives, warp gates, or other faster-than-light travel methods.

Along with the revamped spaceship builder, though, we also have a space colony builder and a vehicle builder, which will react differently with the gravity of different worlds and the new terrain you’ll be building.

A Kerbal Space Program 2 trailer was unveiled at Gamescom this year, so if you want to see it you can follow this link to find it. In the meantime, you can start sending your Kerbals to space once again when the game releases in Spring of 2020.

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