Kena: Bridge of Spirits Wood Knight Boss Guide

You will face the Wood Knight after you’ve found Rusu. Soon after, you’ll find the Wood Knight’s boss arena past a few arrow puzzles and thus the fight begins. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to defeat the Kena: Bridge of Spirits Wood Knight Boss.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Wood Knight Boss

As you get ready to encounter the Wood Knight after Rusu’s house, make sure to prep yourself with upgrades and resources. Once you’re topped and locked, proceed into the arena only to be bombarded with several minions clambering through the trees.

Wood Knight Attacks

You can parry most of Wood Knight’s attacks.

Wooden Slab Swipe: More often than not, the Wood Knight will come towards you and swipe his slab. You can either parry the attack or dodge out of the way.

Slab Toss: Throws forward his wooden slab which later returns to him, dealing damage both ways around.

Wooden SlamPuts his slab down into the ground to create an AoE, which will deal damage if you’re caught in it.

DefenseThe Wood Knight uses his slab as an extension of himself to guard itself against any incoming attacks.

How to Defeat Wood Knight

Target the glowing object on its face, it will deal damage once it falls off. Between the two melee strikes the boss will step forward, so dodging once won’t be enough, and even if you have some distance between you, it’s still better to try and dodge the second strike.

Just activate shield or quickly dodge to the right or left whenever the boss looks like they are about to throw the wooden slab like a javelin. It travels in a straight line and goes back to him using the same path.

Use ranged attacks as much as you can, and when the boss uses the wooden slab as a shield, quickly circle around to hit him where he is vulnerable.

The boss is pretty agile so be on the lookout for his next move, as you will have limited reaction time for each move. Dodge his attacks and then hit him.

Use your shield to remain unaffected by his attack and start damaging him as soon as the attack ends.

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