Kena: Bridge of Spirits Storehouse Collectibles Locations Guide

In this guide, we will be telling you about all the collectibles locations in the Storehouse. We will mention step-by-step details along with the marked images of the map to lead you to the locations precisely. So, let’s begin with our Kena Bridge of Spirits Storehouse Collectibles Locations guide right away.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Storehouse Collectibles Locations

First, we will guide you to the locations of all three Rots that are hidden at different places in the Storehouse.

Storehouse Rot Locations

Rot #1

Head westwards from the central island of the Storehouse until you see some rocks to their left side. Destroy the rocks by using the bomb ability to discover the Rot. Here is the image showing the exact location.

Rot #2

You can reach this Storehouse location by sliding down the ramp to reach the chamber. Here, you will see a blue flower to the right. One has to hit the blue flower with a bow to open the wooden treasure box that is adjacent to the blue flower. Once the treasure box opens, you can collect the Rot.

Rot #3

Keep on moving the same path as you did for the second Rot to reach the left hand power crystal. Next, climb the stairs to reach the tunnel. Pass through the tunnel, and you find some rocks in front of you guys. Hit the rocks with the bow to get the third Rot in the Storehouse.

Storehouse Spirit Mail Location

After going down the room, you will see some rocks. Hit the rocks by using bombs to climb up. Now, you will see a red flower. The Spirit Mail is hidden inside the room behind the red flower, so destroy the red flower to reach the room. Here you will see a pouch, and this is from where you can collect the Spirit Mail.

Storehouse Hat Location

First, move up the ramp to the right side. Now, you will see some platforms. Hit the platforms to climb up the higher area. After climbing the platforms, move right to find the Hat inside a treasure box.

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