How to Increase Rot Level in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena is tasked with guiding spirits to the afterlife. While it’s a tough job she isn’t alone, the Rot are there to help her out! In this guide for Kena: Bridge of Spirits, we’ll tell you how to increase your Rot level and get more Rot on your side for the adventure!

How to Increase Rot Level in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

The Rot are forest creatures in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. They help Kena out with various tasks and can even help out in solving puzzles and finding collectibles!

So, how do you get more of the Rot on your side? Let’s find out below

How to get Rot

You can find the Rot in many different ways in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Below, we will try to cover all the possible ways in which you can get more Rot!

Certain Story Moments or Defeating Enemies
The first way of finding Rot in Kena: Bridge of Spirit is by defeating a main boss in the game or getting to a certain story moment. You will get Rot for progress and completing different tasks in the game.

You may be rewarded with 3 Rot for taking out corruption around Rusu’s home. But this is not the best method of getting Rot as it will take a lot of time.

If you continue to focus just on the story missions you will get a less amount of Rot in more time and Rot is not consistent in this as well. You may get less Rot for doing these missions.

The second way in which you can collect a lot of Rot in Kena: Bridge of Spirits is through interacting with the different things in the environment. You will find the Rot different parts of the environment.

While exploring the environment always look for something which is glowing pink as this is the sign that a Rot is hiding there.

You can investigate this by pressing the L1 button when you are close to that pink glow.

If you do so, a small pink orb will land on the ground, and you can turn it into a Rot by pressing the Triangle while standing right next to it.

Finding and Collecting Rot

Players will find the Rot Spirits throughout the world of Kena. You will find them under the rocks and even inside the pots which are hanging on the trees.

When you find a Rot Spirit in the game you will also be shown how much more you need to level up. You can also know about these creatures by Dualsense controller since that will start to vibrate when you are close to a Rot.

The Rot you get is permanent and it will increase the Rot level once you get the desired Rot spirits. You can use Kena’s taro mask for locating their footprints as well if you are having trouble finding them. You can have this mask very early in the game.

Simply press the D-Pad and then look for the footprints of Rot. You will see them in pink color. You can find a Rot hiding close to you very easily with this.

You have to see the location very carefully as you cannot move with this mask on you have to look for the Rot and if you see it remove the mask and then moves towards it.

How to increase Rot Level

Rot level will increase by getting more Rot. For each level, you have to get a certain number of Rot which you will also see on the screen once you collect a Rot.

You will need to find 35 Rot for getting to rank 3 in the Kena: Bridge of Spirits. With each level up, you will get new abilities and Rot charges in the Battle. You can perform powerful moves with these so you should be focusing on leveling.

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