Kena: Bridge of Spirits Mask Maker Boss Guide

In this guide, we will be helping you defeat the Mask Maker Boss in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. All of his moves and their counters, as well as a combat strategy, will be discussed throughout this guide.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Mask Maker Boss

The Mask Maker is one of the more difficult bosses you’ll encounter during your adventures in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

The Mask Maker has a variety of deadly attacks up his sleeve, and fighting him without being careful and methodical can be fatal for Kena.

The Mask Maker can teleport around the arena and cage you inside a dimensional trap as well. You need to be able to counter his attacks with precise timing to avoid taking damage.

The Boss Fight

After the cutscene finishes, the fight will start immediately, and Mask Maker will initially be very aggressive with his attacks. He wields a long energy sword, so if he manages to get close enough, you won’t be able to dodge his swing attack.

After landing a few hits, he will move away using his teleportation abilities.

You can try to slow him down by hitting him with a heavy Rot attack. That way, he will be stunned for a few seconds, giving you ample time to close in on him and land a few critical hits.

Depending on your Rot Level, you can spam a lot of those heavy rot attacks. They reduce a sizeable amount of his health bar.

Ranged Attacks and Traps

The Mask Maker can also summon minions around him and distract you while he tries to flank you with his teleportation abilities. He can also hurl ranged ice attacks at you. They do a lot of damage and stun you, so be sure to dodge them.

Keep moving around the arena and collect health using Rot. He can also teleport just before his swing attack and catch you off-guard, so be sure to keep your shield ready.

The Mask Maker will try and trap you inside a dimensional trap once you deplete half of his health bar.

The only way you can escape that trap is by shooting all of the Mask Makers you see around you. If you don’t shoot them quickly, you will be struck by a beam attack that will inflict heavy damage. This is his most deadly attack, so be sure to aim at his projections quickly with your bow.

Once you break out of the trap, The Mask Maker will be stunned for a few seconds. Keep spamming the heavy rot attack to freeze him and finish him off quickly before he can regain his footing.

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