Kena: Bridge of Spirits Corrupt Woodsmith Boss Guide

Corrupt Woodsmith is the 11th boss you’ll face in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. The boss is found at the Tower of Hana. In this guide, we will show you how you can defeat the Kena: Bridge of Spirits Corrupt Woodsmith Boss.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Corrupt Woodsmith Boss

The Corrupt Woodsmith is the spirit of Adira. To free her you must get rid of all corruption then collect three relics to use on her.

However, one thing you should keep an eye on is that this Corrupt Woodsmith boss is not your standard 1v1 boss due to her link with the monolith placed at the central part of the area.

The monolith plays the role of a heart in this fight, destroying it breaks its link with the Corrupt Woodsmith. To start the boss fight, you must break the link between the boss and the stone monolith first.

Corrupt Woodsmith Attacks

Corrupt Woodsmith may not have many attacks in her arsenal however, the ones she has are enough to drop your HP to a minimum. Below is a list of all attacks she uses in this fight and how you can counter them.

Dash Attack: Charges up her weapon and dashes in front to deal damage. Since she takes a moment to charge her weapon, you can simply move aside to dodge the attack.

Slash Attack: Uses her weapon to slash an opponent, creating a fire wave that she shoots.  Simply jump aside to avoid the damage.

Combo-Attack: Uses her slash attack then follows it up by slamming her hammer into the ground, creating a shockwave around her. Jump aside to avoid the damage from the slash attack and move back a bit to avoid the damage caused by the shockwave.

How to Defeat Corrupt Woodsmith in Kena Bridge of Spirits

As mentioned before, the official boss fight begins once you’ve successfully destroyed the monolith.

To do so, you must use your Spirit Bomb to open the monolith and expose the heart inside, then use your Spirit Bow to shoot the heart.

Repeating this process three times will in the end destroy the monolith thus starting the boss fight.

However, destroying it isn’t an easy task. Once you’re trying to destroy the monolith, the boss slams her weapon onto it and tries to reform the heart which will restart this fight making it a never-ending loop.

While reforming the heart, she creates a big shockwave that deals a lot of damage so be prepared to dodge it.


The boss summons few minions during the fight who possess their own health bars and are equipped with their personal weapons.

However, they don’t play an important role in this fight as they hardly interact with you at long range.

Use Ranged Attacks

Using melee attacks doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use other attacks during this fight. Melee attacks will be used at a close range.

Start off with your Spirit Bomb. Use your Spirit Bomb to open the monolith, which gives you a chance to attack the heart with your Spirit Bow.

Follow it up with Melee Attacks

Each time you attack the heart, the boss drops on her knees giving you a golden opportunity to use melee attacks to deal a large amount of damage.

Secondly, the best strategy is to stay away from her during the entire fight except when she’s on her knees since you don’t want to be caught in any of her dangerous attacks.

At long range, it’s recommended to use Spirit Bow and Spirit Bomb. Although they deal lesser as compared to Melee attacks, you’ll drop a chunk of her health with these attacks regardless.

Keep following the process until you’ve defeated the Corrupt Woodsmith and freed Adira’s Spirit.

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