Kena: Bridge of Spirits Tips

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. It comes with a lot of hidden features that can easily be missed if you’re not aware of what you’re looking for. Therefore, in this guide, we’ll explain all the tips and tricks that you need to be aware of while playing Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Tips

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is more than just spirits, deserted villages, and mystical forests. If you’ve been deceived by Kena into believing that this would be another fairy world, you’re not alone.

As you proceed through the storyline, the game starts picking up pace. Kena can do more than just running after butterflies. But she’ll require your help.

Truly conquering Kena: Bridge of Spirits is not possible unless you have a few tips and tactics hidden under your sleeve.

Dodge More, Block Less

Kena’s shield is a defensive marvel! However, it too has its limitations. Pulling it out on every minor inconvenience might seem the easy way out, but this strategy will backfire in the long run.

The shield stands well against the enemies that you face earlier on in the game, but not against the bosses and mini-bosses that you’ll face later on in the game.

Worst, the shield slows you down as well. Therefore, start practicing dodging, parrying, and jumping to get away from the enemy attacks.

If you place the shield as a last resort and dodge the enemy attacks from the very beginning, you’ll start recognizing a pattern in the enemy attacks.

This will make it really easy for you to dodge the attacks from some of the most powerful enemies that’ll cross your path as the game proceeds.

Go Offensive!

Going offensive is the only tactic that can help you ace Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Some of the bosses and mini-bosses take their time to build up their most devastating attacks.

When they’re coming up with a powerful attack, they’ll surround themselves with a red mist. This is where you attack!

Dodging can help you get away as well, but why not shake them off their feet and not let them attack at all?

To disrupt their attacks, you can use your arrows. Later on in the game, you’ll also unlock the bomb. However, arrows will still get the job done more accurately and in less amount of time.

Lastly, never stop experimenting. There’s a lot of potential hidden in the only staff that you carry. And the best time to experiment is early on in the game when the game is less challenging.

Make the Best Use of Rots 

Rots are one of the collectibles that you’ll come across in the game, and they’re quite helpful. There are a total of 100 Rots that can be collected.

With more Rots, you can unlock more abilities and upgrades. One of these happens to be the Rot Hammer upgrade. Rot Hammer upgrade will make your hammer more powerful and turn it into a long-ranged weapon.

If you have sufficient Rot Action available, Rots can be used to deal damage to the enemy as well. Rot Action builds up along with Courage.

Courage, on the other hand, builds up when you pick fights. Therefore, pick every fight that you can. More enemies you fight, more the Courage, and more the Rot Action that builds up.

Still, keep an eye out for what you’re getting yourself into. Picking a fight with a self-destructive enemy might not end well for you.

If you can build Courage by putting an arrow through an enemy’s skull, you can get yourself a bit of Courage by receiving damage as well. However, this only happens at lower difficulties.

Rots do bring in a lot of benefits, but locating them is a task on its own. If you’ve managed to collect 65 Rots, all of Kena’s abilities would be unlocked.

This becomes considerably easier if you’re playing the game on the latest-gen PlayStation, PS5. The controller will vibrate when you’re nearing a Rot. The frequency of the vibration will increase as you close in on the spirit.

You might as well get a complete hand massage when you’re standing right next to a Rot!

Heal Less Often

Courage is more than what meets the eye: It also helps you heal. Therefore, using every piece of Courage that you have to heal is not an ideal strategy.

Wait for your health bar to start flashing red before you heal. This way, you’ll be making the most efficient use of your Courage.

Performance Over Graphics 

While playing the game on PS5, you’ll get to choose the FPS of your game. You have 2 choices: play the game at 30 FPS with some of the best graphics any game has to offer, or you can play the game at 60 FPS with slightly less appealing graphics.

Playing the game at more FPS will help you stand a better ground in battles when the game picks up pace.

Don’t Forget About your Pulse Attack

Pulse attack usually helps you solve the puzzles; however, it can also be used to deal damage to the enemies.

With a Pulse attack, you can have more control over the bombs that you throw. You can make them go off the instant they hit the ground or approach the enemy.

Plan your Battles

Defeating the enemies is easy, but only if they stop spawning. One advantage that the enemy has over you is that most of the time, they’ll outnumber you.

However, this can be taken care of by finding the points of corruption. Once they have been destroyed, the enemies will gradually start to disappear as they’ll stop spawning.

When you’re attacking the enemies, make sure you point your weapons where it hurts the most.

The weak points on the antagonists are marked by a yellow spot. If a yellow spot is hidden by an armor, hit them with a bomb first to reveal their weak spot.

Pitch your Enemies Against Each Other 

You can save yourself the hassle of taking care of all the enemies if you turn them towards each other.

The game physics allows the bigger bosses and mini-bosses to attack the smaller enemies. This is only possible if you make them direct their attacks towards other antagonists.

Where to go Next? 

There’ll be plenty of times during a puzzle where you’ll find yourself at crossroads and won’t know where to go next.

In situations likes these, look around, and you’ll find white painted arrows on the wall. They’ll give you the required direction you lack in life.

Spend Freely

Of all the things, going bankrupt in Kena: Bridge of Spirits should be the least of your worries. There’ll be plenty of ways during the gameplay for earning Karma and other in-game currencies. But this is only possible if you pick fights more often.

Revisit Old Locations

At times, you won’t be able to proceed down a certain path since it would be locked. Therefore, you can always return to these locations later on once they’ve been unlocked to explore the hidden treasures that these locations possess.

More the Collectibles, the Better!

There’s more to Bridge of Spirits than just Rots. Rots are still the best collectibles that you can find. However, other collectibles have their benefits too.

Hats will make your Rots steal a fashion show. Flower Shrines will get you gems. Gems can then be used to purchase more Hats and Hat Carts.

Karma is earned by defeating enemies and is then used to unlock more abilities for Kena. Meditation Spots will replenish your health.

Spirit Mails will help you unlock new regions on the map. Lastly, Cursed Chests contain gems and hats. Cursed Chests can only be opened after completing a particular challenge.

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