Kena: Bridge of Spirits Taro Mask Bug, Ultrawide Black Bars Issue and Fixes

In Kena: Bridge of Spirits there are some bugs that may prove to be an obstacle for you. This guide will gloss over some of the Kena: Bridge of Spirits Errors and Fixes.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Errors and Fixes

Kena: Bridge of Spirit’s was recently released so it’s only inevitable that some bugs may crawl through.

Don’t get discouraged. Ember Labs is probably hot on the trail of these bugs and is going to release a patch soon. Till then we have simple fixes that will help you.

Ultrawide Black Bars Fix

The world where Kena resides is beautiful. The visuals, the breathing flora, and the fauna. It all needs to be experienced to its maximum. It’s only fair since this game was beautifully crafted by Ember Labs.

Unfortunately, there is a black bar bug for ultra-wide resolutions. These wide black bars really impede the full experience of the game’s visuals for the player.

During cutscenes, these columns of darkness really diminish the beauty of the game. Don’t worry though, just follow these simple steps to fix this little problem:

  • Open this link.
  • Download the 16KB File.
  • Extract the file by using Winrar or 7zip.
  • Launch the application and let it do its thing!

Just wait for the patch to run and voila! The black bars of doom will no longer plague your game. Give you thanks to the creator of the patch, Rose when installing this. There are further instructions written in the link which are easily understood.

Taro Mask Bug

One of the most troublesome bugs surrounds Masks. It is unfortunate since players have to don the Taro Mask to progress through the game’s main story.

What happens is that when you wear the mask the game’s perspective switches to the first-person mode. You are apparently stuck in this state unless you restart your game.

The only known fix known at the moment is to pause and reload your last save. Make sure that your autosave feature is active since the game does save often.

So, if you forget at least the game does it for you.

Stone Guardian Boss Fight Bug

Players may experience a bug during ‘Search the Forge for the Adira’s 2nd Relic.’ One of the tasks associated with this quest is to defeat a Stone Guardian.

When landing you land a blow on the Stone Guardian, it may trigger a slow-motion effect. Even after the fight, this bug will prevail with an added screen brightening glare.

It’s very jarring to the eye no doubt. Sadly, if you try to reload your previous save file, this bug may happen again.

Even though Ember Lab is working on this issue, there is a temporary fix available. Close the application and return to the main menu. Continue playing the game from your last save file.

This seems to resolve the issue temporarily. But the patch fix to this bug will be available in a few days or so.

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