Kena: Bridge of Spirits Cursed Chests Locations Guide

There is more than one type of chest in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Normal chests have blue emblems on them while cursed chests have orange emblems. In this guide, we’ll be helping you find all of Kena: Bridge of Spirits Cursed Chests Locations.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Cursed Chests Locations

There are thirteen Cursed Chests located at different places in the game. You’ve to do a combat challenge in order to open a cursed chest and claim rewards like karma.

You will have to face a specific number of enemies to be victorious and claim the Cursed Chest. You can see the number of remaining enemies on the top left corner of the screen.

Village Cursed Chests

As part of the Village collectibles, you can find a total of five Cursed Chests.

Cursed Chest #1

Village has the highest number of cursed chests in it. After entering the Village, head straight, go past the lamppost, and go around the house. Check your left side to find your first cursed chest.

Cursed Chest #2, #3, and #4

Deliver the first Spirit Mail from Forgotten Forest to the house up the stairs. Clear the corruption there. You’ll find three cursed chests in this area.

Cursed Chest #5

After getting Adira’s Mask and unlocking the new area of the village, go to that area across the water. Get to the waterwheel by the river. Take a right from the waterwheel and turn left to find the path.

Follow the path to the point past the docks warp stone. The cursed chest is residing on the left side.

Cursed Chest #6

There are a total of six cursed chests in the Village area. For the last cursed chest, proceed to the Mask’s Makers Path after acquiring the dash ability. A cursed chest can be found on the right side of the main path.

Forgotten Forest Cursed Chests

Forgotten Forest Collectibles’ list is long, but there are only two cursed chests to be found in this area.

Cursed Chest #1

Reach the Sacred Tree warp point first and then follow the main path to the left. You’ll eventually reach a fork, go right to a tree where the oath circles around. The chest is located behind the tree.

Cursed Chest #2

Go left down the path from the Water Shrine warp stone until you reach the three water platforms. Take the center one. To find the Cursed Chest, shoot the blue stone with an arrow and jump to the ledge.

Rusu Mountain Cursed Chests

Rusu Mountain has only one Cursed Chest spotted rather easily.

Cursed Chest #1

On your way up the mountain, you’ll come across a broken bridge. Re-rout from the main path and head to the right side of the bridge. Follow along to the end and you’ll find a Cursed Chest lying there.

Fields Cursed Chests

Fields probably has the most collectibles, but only two Cursed Chests that you need to discover.

Cursed Chest #1

Go to the house on the right with the rocks blocking the door from the Fields warp stone. To get inside, use a bomb on the rocks, where you’ll find a Cursed Chest.

Cursed Chest #2

For the second Cursed Chest, go to the Fields warp stone and follow the path right through the tunnel in the rock.

This time you don’t need to bomb anything and you’ll find a Cursed Chest residing outside a house on a higher level on the left side of the area.

Village Heart Cursed Chests

You can find two Cursed Chests in the Village Heart area in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Cursed Chest #1

Go onto the wooden walkway on the left from the main path into Village Heart (through the archways). You’ll find your Cursed Chest halfway down from there.

Cursed Chest #2

We’ve already found one, let’s find the second one. From the Village Heart Entrance warp stone, head down into the caves through the main door.

You need to swim in order to pass the tunnel. Jump out to the left after passing the tunnel. Follow the path to the left, keep looking on the right. There you’ll get your desired Cursed Chest.

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