Katy Perry Does Not Have ‘Teenage Dreams’ of Weed Anymore

Singer Katy Perry does not like weed and says it makes her ‘weird’. Katy Perry revealed in an interview with Elvis Duran this Wednesday on his radio show.

“I turn into more of a weirdo than I actually am!”

Many singers are known for ‘weed abuse’ hearing from Perry that she does not indulge herself into such activities is encouraging for aspiring singers.

PEOPLE also confirm that Perry and John Mayer are back together.

“They are in love … They missed each other.”

The teenage pop sensation is currently in Amsterdam for a World Tour and expresses that although she is in the ‘World Capital’ for weed, she is going to abstain from trying it.

“I’m going to go to the red light district tonight, actually, but I’ll just say this: the weed doesn’t agree with me.”

She articulates that there is a certain time in life where almost every person leaves ‘partying’ in the past and starts facing the world more consciously. Perry loves the red wine and does not mind a glass of Malbec every now and then.

Perry told Elvis Duran on his show,

“I don’t even really do cocktails anymore. There is a certain point in your life where you just turn to red wine, and that is kind of the point I have hit now. I love a nice Malbec.”

It is rare that we see singers be socially responsible, maybe it is Katy Perry’s way for the telling the kids that they have partied enough and now it’s time to bring in their A game.

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