How to Access Kamisato Estate in Genshin Impact

Cleansing Defilement is a quest in Genshin Impact which is distributed into three parts: Chinju Forest, Araumi, and outside the Kamisato Estate. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to access Kamisatio Estate in Genshin Impact and purify the three shrines.

How to Access Kamisato Estate in Genshin Impact

This guide focuses on the Outside the Kamisaro Estate and helps in completing the additional steps required to reach the puzzle, face the mini-bosses at the end to complete the Kamisaro Estate part of the quest.

To start the Cleansing Defilement quest, you must take part in “A Strange Story in Konda” and “Sacrificial Offering”.

Once completed, you can now head over to the location marked on the map below.

Kamisato Estate in Genshin Impact

Once at the location, use your Memento Lens; which you can acquire as a part of the “A Strange Story in Konda” quest. This lens is used for observing the surrounding World.

Use the lens on the kitsune statue and once you’re done scanning the Earth Kitsune. Hit the bigger kitsune to spawn Electro abilities and receive the Key-Shaped Ward.

Next up is the Waverider spawn area for which you must head over to the east side of the map. On the east side, you’ll find a ship to sail that leads you to the northeast Island where you’ll come across another large Earth Kitsune statue to scan.

Again, using the Memento Lens, scan the statue and drop down into the cavern (with the Torii Gate). However, the area is filled with electro radiations that will cause damage to you.

You must interact with Sakura Thunder Boughs and get the Electrogranum found in the cave to prevent yourself from taking any further damage from the radiation.

Now it’s time to solve the puzzle!

How to Solve Kamisato Estate Puzzle

The puzzle is in fact quite easy to solve as it requires you to use the Ward to purify the central lantern.

Now for the rest of the puzzle, there are additional lanterns around the area as well and you need to mark them.

The first lantern needs to get marked once and on its left and right, there are two more lanterns that need two marks each. As for the last two lanterns, they are on the front and behind and they need a total of three marks each.

Once all lanterns are marked, interact with the central lantern again to spawn two mini-bosses.

The fight gets tough since you’ll receive plenty of electro-damage so, make full use of the Electrogranum and try to keep your health to the max.

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