Kakarot Gameplay Given A Sneak Peek On Bandai Namco’s Twitter Page

Bandai Namco has given Dragon Ball Z fans a sneak peek at Kakarot gameplay by posting a short video to its Twitter page. The gameplay, which revolves around everything from fighting to minigames, might be giving us a better Dragon Ball Z game than we’ve had in a pretty long time.

Kakarot was first revealed at E3 after being hinted at online several weeks before, but even at E3 we didn’t get very much information about the game. The Kakarot gameplay we can see in the Bandai Namco Twitter post is the only bit of gameplay we’ve gotten since E3.

Going by what we’ve seen and heard about the game, Kakarot focuses entirely on the adventures of Son Goku from Dragon ball Z as we’re apparently taken throughout the various events of the Dragon Ball series. Playing as Goku himself, players can fish for giant fish, fight dinosaurs and Red Ribbon Army robots, and more.

This is the first Dragon Ball game we’ve gotten in a while that seems to mainly be a linear RPG, though we don’t know much about the game yet. Considering most Dragon Ball Z games are fighting games of varying quality (except for the Legacy of Goku games that came out in the early 2000s), something like this could shake up the Dragon Ball Z game market.

Of course, that relies on the game being good. While the Kakarot gameplay that we can see in the Twitter post does look fairly interesting, we still need to wait and see if the game plays as well as it looks. We may even get a dedicated Kakarot gameplay video instead of the short snippet we got in the Twitter post.

We’ll keep you updated on new information for Kakarot as in comes out, but in the meantime hopefully the game will be able to be better than some of the other Dragon Ball games we’ve gotten in the past years.