Justin Carter, League of Legends Player Faces 10 Years in Jail

Justin Carter is a 19 year old League of Legends player from Texas who was jailed after he apparently made ‘terrorist’ remarks during a fight over Facebook. Now, he faces up to 10 years in jail.

What actually happened was, back in March Carter and another League of Legends player were fighting over a League of Legends match when the other guy called him crazy. Carter responded with:

“I’m fucked in the head alright, I think Imma shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent reign down.”

The comments were followed by “jk” and “lol” but a Canadian lady reported the authorities that eventually led to his arrest. He was kept in jail for four months between March to July until an anonymous well-wisher paid $500,000 for his bail. Recently, the motion to dismiss his case was also rejected.

Carter’s attorney Don Flanary has voiced his concerns about the treatment that he got at the jail saying he had been subject to brutal attacks:

“This whole thing is totally and completely bonkers. He definitely was not kept safe, and that’s why it’s not good to have innocent 18-year-old [guys] in jail with very, very dangerous people.”

In his defense, the attorney says that there is no clear ground for the sentence, that “there must be a clear and present danger, and there must be a true threat. And if you don’t have a true threat, then the First Amendment protects your speech. Plain and simple.”

If the criminal justice system works the way it should, he should be released from unlawful detention lacking sufficient cause or evidence at the first instance but until now the law enforcement agencies have literally tried to punish him first and deal with proving the crime later.

Justin Carter is obviously innocent, it was after all just an argument over a League of Legends match that got out of hand and enraged comments were made. It is startling how the case is still being prosecuted.

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