Just Cause 4 Unlockables Guide

Our Just Cause 4 Unlockables Guide will help you learn all about unlocking all the Weapons, Vehicles, and Pilots in the game.

Just Cause 4 Unlockables

Just Cause 4 is a destructive sandbox; you can make use of many different gadgets or natural disasters such as tornados to deal with the enemies.

Alternately, Rico does come equipped with his Grappling Hook which has been updated with more features. However, if you prefer the classical way of dealing with the enemies using your guns, that is also a welcoming method in the new Just Cause.

Small Weapons

  • SMG-2: Secure the Altoyaku Region
  • LRD-3 Sniper: Complete Training: Intel Grab
  • PBX Auto-Slug 4: Secure the Riscos Altos Region
  • 21-J Smart Rifle: Secure the Paso Ventoso Region
  • CC10 Shotgun: Secure the Island Machaqwayes Region
  • SW7-PBA Assault Rifle: Secure the Gran Batalla Region
  • Defender Machine Gun: Complete Training: Bridge Defense
  • PBX Super-Sniper 4: Complete Training: Wrong Side of the Tracks

Heavy Weapons

  • AT7 RPG: Secure the Delta Río Wanay
  • AT3-X RPG: Complete Training: Top Brass
  • RG-PBA 9 Railgun: Secure the Kunka Region
  • PWC V4.2 “Wind Gun”: Secure the Qachas Region
  • DA 9.3 “Lighting Gun”: Secure the Phuyu-Kuni Region
  • PBX Mine Launcher 2A7: Secure the Las Tormentas Region
  • PGL-6 Grenade Launcher: Secure the Laderas Rojas Region

With your weapons unlock, you will probably need a vehicle to compliment your weapon, in order to fully delve into the chaotic experience offered by Just Cause 4. Here are ways to get your hands on some of the civilian vehicles:


  • Prisa Hidalgo Car: Complete the El Lucero Stunt
  • Prisa Viajero Bus: Complete the Hermosa Car Stunt
  • Pasofino Pickup: Complete the Boca Vieja Car Stunt
  • Kerner Charmant Limo: Complete the Quya Car Stunt
  • Prisa Fresca CarL: Complete the Sachayuyu Car Stunt
  • Pugilista SUV: Complete the Punto Oeste Speed Stunt
  • Prisa Calzada Van: Complete the Aburrida Speed Stunt
  • Prisa Fresca X Car: Complete the La Explanada Car Stunt
  • Prisa Viento SUV: Complete the Casas Soleadas Car Stunt
  • Cadadía ‘83 Hatchback Car: Complete the El Abismo Stunt
  • Caravana Camper Van: Complete the Encrucijada Car Stunt
  • Calzada Ambulancia: Complete the Joya Del Sol Speed Stunt
  • Sol 21 Sport Sedan: Complete the Nueva Voz Centro Car Stunt
  • Emsavion News Heli: Complete the Lago Bonito Helicopter Stunt
  • Kerner ‘16 Vigeur Car: Complete the Tributario Wanay Speed Stunt
  • 83 Hatchback: Complete the El Abismo stunt.

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