Just Cause 4 Squads Guide

Squads are a key part of the Just Cause 4 experience as it plans out in the bigger picture of exploration and progression in the game. Precisely put, Just Cause 4 Squads will allow you to unlock more regions leading you to take on more challenges in the expanded territories.

Just Cause 4 Squads

Unlocking new regions via ‘Squads’ lets you in on new missions, weapon, and vehicle unlocks. Moreover, squads will help you gain control of new territories as you fight hard for the other ones.

Although you start out with some few reserve squad members, you will need to unlock new ones as you progress through the game. This can be done in two ways.

The first is more natural and depends on how much Chaos Points you end up racking. From creating general destruction and carnage to small-scale operations like eliminating enemies and destroying their vehicles.

Basically, wreaking havoc within enemy bases will earn your Chaos points. Each time you liberate an enemy outpost, you are awarded with squad reserves.

The second is to complete through the main story missions and optional tasks namely the Region Strike missions to get you some useful additions to the squads.

Attacking and capturing a region that shares borders with two or more of your controlled regions will also award you squad points instead of costing you.

Since you will be using up many squads to capture and retain new territories, it is best to plan out your adventures in a way that you do not run out of the squad reserves since every territory has a different required amount.

The best route is to first complete the Windwalker storyline in the south of the map, then head to the northern region to finish the Thunderbarge storyline.

Lastly, you can head to the west side of the map and finish through the and finally go to the western part of the map and complete the Sandstinger storyline. This way, you use up your squad reserves more efficiently and suitably.

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