Just Cause 4 is Already Out Before the Official Release Date

The official release date of Just Cause 4 is just a few days away. It’s now being reported that the game is already being sold out by different retailers. Yes, Just Cause 4 has been leaked in different parts of the world ahead of its release date.

Just Cause 4 is reportedly available for purchase in Germany, Italy and more. Soon you’ll find Just Cause 4 at the nearest store before the official release date. Though don’t worry, this isn’t the first time a game has leaked. We even saw big games like God of War being leaked early so this doesn’t even come close to it.

It’ll definitely be a shock for Square Enix as Just Cause 4 is their biggest title yet in the series. Just Cause 4 being leaked ahead of the release date means that the players will be spoiling the game for everyone else.

If you have pre-ordered the digital version of Just Cause 4, you will be able to download it very soon. Though there’s no official pre-load date or time for Just Cause 4 on consoles. As seen in the past, Just Cause 4 pre-load will start 48 hours before the game unlocks on PS4. Just Cause 4 steam pre-load is expected to start today. We will let you know once the pre-load starts so stay tuned.

As for the Just Cause 4 gameplay goes, it’s better than ever before and for the first time, the game consists of a very serious story. We have seen much Just Cause 4 gameplay trailers showing us the things that Rico can now do in the included massive world map. Previous gameplay trailer of Just Cause 4 also gave us a chance to meet Gabriela Morales who is the anti-protagonist in the game.

Just Cause 4 is the biggest game in the series in terms of story and also the map size. Just Cause 4 map size is said to be approximately 395 square miles. Now that’s a big map and the closest to the size of Just Cause 3’s map. You can also check out our map size comparison between Just Cause 3 and Just Cause 4 here.

As you all know, JC3 in-game map consists of many water locations but luckily it’s not going to the case in JC4. Just Cause 4 map comes with more land locations so you won’t have to swim a lot.

Also if you don’t’ know, Just Cause 4 consists of dynamic weather conditions which is something never seen before in any JC game. One of the most interesting inclusions in the game is of tornadoes. Yes, JC4 brings tornadoes which is something never seen before in a game.

Though don’t take these tornadoes as a joke as they are very brutal and can destroy trees, bridges and what not.

Avalanche Studios is ready to amaze the fans of the series with big things this year. Avalanche Studios have now also revealed the road map of the game. JC4 comes with an expansion pass which will bring 3 different themed DLCs to the game.

JC4 will officially release worldwide on December 4, 2018, for Xbox One and PS4.

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