Just Cause 4 In-Game Purchases Confirmed By ESRB Rating, Microtransactions Incoming?

It is safe to assume that developers is aiming for mature audience with Just Cause 4. Given that there are only two months to go in the release of Just Cause 4, ESRB provided the rating details online. The official ESRB website has listed the game’s other section with “In-Game Purchases”.

Most of the fans are hoping that this only turns out to be some kind of DLC rather than microtransactions. The controversy of microtransactions is not something anyone would want to associate with. Meanwhile, many believe that this might not mean anything serious for Just Cause 4 at all.

Games have had In-Game Purchases listed before as well but in the end, they turned out to be DLC anyway. Some might argue that even if Just Cause 4 has “In-Game Purchases” it might have them like JC3. Just Cause 3 had stuff from the gold and deluxe edition added as microtransactions. That wouldn’t be such a bad hand dealt by the developers and for the gamers too.

After all, microtransactions don’t always result in something bad as 343 Industries suggested. For the most part, fans seem quite sure that Just Cause 4 would only have DLC and no microtransactions. This relates to Shadow of the Tomb Raider having the same claims but Square Enix did nothing there as well.

All said and done, ESRB ratings list the “In-Game Purchases” for every game with DLC so there isn’t much to worry about. Moreover, Just Cause 4 will be giving its users a vision into reality experience with the Apex Engine.

Each Biome also has its own unique weather and conditions in Just Cause 4. Additionally, the fierce antagonist of the upcoming game was also introduced by developers. Fans are just hoping that developers won’t take the game to the microtransactions level of GTA V. Moreover, Shadow of War turned out having microtransactions despite being a single-player game so fans must keep their fingers crossed here.

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