Just Cause 4 Has Gone Gold As We Approach December

Those familiar with the Just Cause series will know well about the over the top, high octane, action-adventure video game. Earlier this year at E3, Just Cause 4 was showcased and confirmed to be in development. In a recent tweet, however, the Avalanche team confirmed that the game has gone Gold. Which for those of you that don’t know, means they’ve finished the game and it’s ready to be playable. Which it will come December 4th.

The announcement was luckily just in time for the holiday seasons. Seeing as how we’ll be getting the latest installment to the Just Cause series in the beginning of December. The production also seemed to go rather smoothly and without any delays unlike most holiday season games. Especially considering that Just Cause 4 will be using a new engine.

The best way to summarize this series is that if Michael Bay ever did crack and then decided to make a video game, it would be Just Cause. This is because of the over-the-top nature of the games. Which can compare to and even arguably outshine the whackiness in a game series like Saints Row. As December 4th draws closer, Just Cause 4 aims to be the very best in the series up to date. With everything being scaled up. Whether that be the destructible open world, or the wide array of gimmicks Rico will have at his possession.

As for the story itself. A recent trailer revealed the game’s antagonist, Gabriela Morales. Who’s best described as an evil female doppleganger of Rico. She commands the Black Hand army and your job is to stop her. And what better way to stop an army than by bringing one of your own no? That sets up the plot and setting just about right for Just Cause 4, as we await its release this December.

Another new hyper-destrucive, massively scaled and open world sandbox game from Avalanche? Just in time for the holidays? Hell yeah dude take my money.

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