Just Cause 4 Chaos Points Farming Guide

The Just Cause series has always had some of the craziest stuff in it and it has not strayed from that formula. Our Just Cause 4 Chaos Points Farming Guide will help you learn all about filling up the Chaos Meter.

Just Cause 4 Chaos Points Farming

How to get Chaos Points
This time around Just Cause 4 brings with it an array of new and improved features. Aside from black hand’s lackeys trying to hunt you down, now a destructive tornado also wants a piece of you.

However, this is not the only natural disaster added to this edition; you might also find yourself facing the blizzard or a sandstorm.

With such features added to the game, the destructive element of the game has shifted gears to the next level. This is important because the Chaos Point progression system is once again a part of the new JC.

Series fans might recognize this long-term added feature. However, for the fresh audience who wants a piece of the action, Chaos Points are an important part of Just Cause’s game mechanics.

They help you unlock weapons, vehicles, and pilots. In order to get yourself some Chaos Points and rank up your army of chaos, it is, as the name suggests, create chaos and mayhem.

One of better ways of doing so is to completely eradicate Black Hand bases; this will get you enough points to fill out your bar in one trip.

Alternately, the world is your playground, experiment with the tether attachments of your grappling hook or bring in military grade vehicle like APCs or an Attack Chopper to create havoc.

Most important thing is to chain your destruction to create combos to get the most out of it while looking good.

Farming Chaos Points
Chaos Points can be farmed by causing destruction, and the best way for destruction is to get yourself hands-on with a Spectre Attack Heli and destroy anything that glows red. Find a Black Hand base, and go ham.

Destroy power boxes, radar dishes, pylons, and anything that can be destroyed (Red color). You’ll have 100 rockets at your disposal, so you better make the most of them as you roam around town in a deadly attack helicopter of your own.

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