New Just Cause 3 Screenshots Released, Coming Out This Holiday

Avalanche Studios has released six more screenshots that showcase the different environments and settings for Just Cause 3.

Earlier this week, the developer assured fans that everyone would be taken back by the contents of the game. Just Cause 3’s amazing visuals and spectacular settings are being hyped right now, and judging from the screenshots being provided, that hype train has weight.

The world of Just Cause 3 is going to stretch to about 400 sq km, giving players a very large sandbox to play in. There will be various locations inside this world to experience, and each will be different in some way. Even in today’s batch of screenshots, you can see just how the stages vary.

According to the game’s director Roland Lesterlin, Just Cause 3 will have the “most optimized experience possible.” The studio right now is not targeting a specific frame-rate but assured that the game will offer an optimized experience across all platforms.

Against recent rumors of the game including microtransactions, Avalanche Studios has confirmed that there will be no such thing. At the moment, a multiplayer option has not been confirmed.

Just Cause 3 was announced in November last year and is scheduled for release in June 2015 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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