Just Cause 3 Will Feature Improved AI, Random Events, and Dense Starting Region

The latest issue of PC Gamer is up and features an interview with Avalanche Studios, where the developer has shared some new information about Just Cause 3.

The starting region for players is heavily dense with towns, outposts, military bases, challenges, side activities, and random events. As for what kind of random events will be taking place on the island of Medici, the developer didn’t mention.

Just from the vague description of the starting region gives you a fair idea that it’s going to be an exceptionally large area for players to start the game in. Game Director Roland Lesterlin also revealed that to the north of the map is a lot of open space, and players will be using jets by the time they reach here.

He also assured players that Avalanche is hard at working improving the enemy AI. If players find a “tough military vehicle” to use, the game will send out RPG troopers to counteract it. Bringing a military chopper inside an enemy base will trigger anti-air guns and heavy enemies.

“This makes attacking bases more fun,” said Lesterlin. “Maybe you’ll wingsuit into a base and use your guns, then grapple up to an enemy helicopter and suddenly you’re in an air battle. The more varied the game is, the more fun it is.”

Just Cause 3 will be available later this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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