Just Cause 3 Errors, Crashes, Loading Time, AMD Drivers, Performance and Fixes

November might be gone but this doesn’t mean that explosiveness is over. Just Cause 3 is here to ensure that the excitement level doesn’t get reduced. The way game offers you different methods to blow up things, you won’t get tired of them anytime soon.

Although Just Cause 3 is a great experience gameplay wise, but when it comes to performance especially on consoles, it doesn’t really shine much in that department. The game struggles to maintain 30 FPS during explosively dense scenes dropping to as low as to 15 or even 10 FPS.

PC users however, have a slight edge as they can harness the extra power in their machines and get a better experience. But if you are still facing some issues in running the game properly, feel free to browse through the following troubleshooting list to find the possible solutions and workarounds.

#1 Video Driver/Performance Issue for AMD Users
Unfortunately for the AMD users, the latest beta driver update has been causing issues for the users also acknowledged by AMD itself.

The Manufacturer is trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, for Just Cause 3, you can try these drivers as recommended by the developer.

#2 Just Cause 3 – Multiple Save Issue
Trouble having multiple saves? You should know that the game by default doesn’t support the feature. What now? Well there is a workaround but that’s quite hectic. You need to locate the save files folder (“c:/users/username/documents/Square Enix/Just Cause 3/Saves) and cut it some other location. Start the game over and it will create a new save file. Needless to say that the game will start from the beginning. Although you can use it for swapping your playthrough but still not a feasible method for backup.

#4 Just Cause 3 – How to Reduce Long Loading Times
There have been many reports about long loading times in Just Cause 3. The problem is being associated with game trying to connect to the servers. So for now, as a workaround, try running the game in offline mode. This should improve your loading times.

#5 Just Cause 3 – Game Not Responding
Normally, the game will take a long time to boot up for the first time. But if it’s taking forever and feels frozen, you should try Alt+tabbing out of the game and then getting back in. Don’t forget to verify your game files.

#6 Just Cause 3 – Controls Issue
If you are unable to use your keyboard and mouse or controller or the mouse pointer is not visible, you should try running the game in borderless window. For some users, changing resolution resolve the issue for them.

#7 Just Cause 3 – Game Crashes on Loading Screen (Green Screen)
You most probably have some missing or corrupted files. So to fix it, you need to verify the game files.

#8 Just Cause 3 – Corrupt Download Fix
Some users have reported that they are experiencing corrupt download pop-ups everytime they want to start the game after download. It can be due to multiple reasons. Try the following:

  • First thing you need to do is verify your game files
  • If you are using an SLI, try disabling one.
  • Keep in mind that the game only supports 64-bit OS.
  • The error can also popup if you don’t have sufficient space on your hard drive.

#9 Just Cause 3 Random Crash Fix
If your crashes are memory related, you can try this workaround to fix the problem. You might have to increase the size of page file on 8 gb memory.

#10 Just Cause 3 – Direct3D Error
It’s a generic error not associated specifically with the game. You can try one of these fixes mentioned here.

If your are facing any other issues, do let us know in the comments below!

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