Just Cause 3 Challenges Guide to Earn All The Gears in Every Challenge

There’s plenty to do in the vast open world of Just Cause 3 other than following the main story missions.

One set of fun and exciting endeavors you can indulge in are called Challenges. These are essentially special mini-games within Just Cause 3 that have you performing specific tasks, such as racing, exploding stuff, and more.

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Just Cause 3 Challenges

The objective in each challenge is to get the maximum number of gears, which will unlock options in the Gear Mod sub-section. It’s not necessary to get five-gear ratings to finish a challenge successfully, but that’s what you want if you’re looking for 100% completion.

This guide will go across all the Challenges in Just Cause 3, with tips and recommendations for each Challenge and how to tackle them.

Wingsuit Challenges

Wingsuit Challenges have you falling out of the sky a great distance from terra firma and your final destination. You’ll have to maneuver yourself and fly through the rings, though you’ll have to do much more if you want to have all five gears.

In order to obtain 100% completion on these challenges, you’ll need to try to fly through the red ring in the center of the white ring. This gives a larger number of points. Some red rings however are very difficult.

It’s often advisable to avoid them altogether instead of making yourself go off-path in the attempt. Not all red rings have to be hit to get all five gears.

Another great way to maximize your points is to fly low to the ground towards the end of your course. This gives bonus points – they won’t be displayed on the screen as you earn them, but they will show up once you complete the course.


Racing in Just Cause 3 isn’t restricted to land vehicles. In fact, you can perform races in air, land, or sea. Races will have you going through the way points as fast as possible to earn gears.

A race starts when you go through the first checkpoint – use this to your advantage and move away from the checkpoint, then accelerate towards it to build up velocity so you don’t start from the checkpoint at zero speed.

When selecting vehicles, you’ll often be limited to the ones you’ve unlocked for Rebel Drops. If you’re having difficulty scoring good timing on the races, try capturing a faster vehicle. You should also try to use the Speed Boosts from the Gear Mods if you have access to them. This will allow you to get great times even with slower vehicles.

Air Racing
In Air Races, you’ll be able to use helicopters or planes, depending on the race. Air races are a little complicated because you aren’t guided by a road, which means that it can be easy to miss checkpoints which can result in a few lost gears on your final rating.

For this reason, you need to balance speed with precision. Try using the Square/X button when turn to make slower but more accurate turns.

It’s also important to keep a check on your altitude, especially with helicopters. Helicopters have extended rotors that can hit trees and other equipment if you’re not careful.

Land Racing
Anyone who has played a racing sim should be accustomed to land races. In Just Cause 3, Land Races send you down hills. There are plenty of tight corners that need precision steering, and you’ll occasionally be greeted with some jumps as well.

Although this is Just Cause 3 – a synonym for mayhem, driving with discipline is actually required. Damaging your vehicle in any way significantly lowers its top speed and handling performance, so make sure to use your breaks if you want to get decent times on your race.

Sea Racing
Sea Racing in Just Cause 3 is largely based on how good you are at drawing lines between checkpoints.

Drawing the straightest path from your current position to the checkpoint is the most efficient and fastest route, but sometimes it’s not possible, as there are many narrow channels that you have to maneuver your sea vehicle through.

The strong waves that move your boat from side to side also make this pretty challenging. Once you get the hang of it though, you should find Sea Racing a breeze. The only real challenge comes with the mines in the water.

You can use the Jumping in the Gear Mod menu to jump over these mines.

Scrapyard Scramble

This weird challenge has you collecting massive quantities of Bavarium and depositing it in a large silo. Before you begin collecting Bavarium, you’ll need to connect your Bavarium Attractor to the vehicle you’ve chosen for the task.

Bavarium comes in two quality grades, with each giving a different number of points for collection. Obviously, the better quality Bavarium is useful, but don’t’ get obsessed with collecting high quality exclusively – just grab as much as possible before depositing it.

There are large quantities of Bavarium often stored inside big metal cargo containers. If you pass near one of the containers, its ends will rip off and chunks of Bavarium will spill out.

Once you’ve collected large quantities of Bavarium, you can shut off the Attractor to drop it all inside the pit after entering it. Head back out of the pit and collect more. If you manage to reach the bonus number of Bavarium while tossing it down the pit, you’ll gain additional time for your next scavenging.

Crash Bomb

Crash Bomb will have you driving a bomb-infused truck to a specific target and blowing it to smithereens.

Once you hit the throttle on the crash bomb truck, there’s no stopping. The minimum speed to avoid exploding is marked as a small bar on the speedometer. Going below this will destroy you and your truck.

When you reach the target, you have to bail out just before hitting it or you’ll blow up with the car and fail the mission. While bailing out isn’t hard, it can be a bit tough to keep the car lined up perfectly to hit the target.

Make sure you are going in a straight line towards the target when you do so, as the amount of damage you do affects your score. Sadly, it’s not going to be as easy as simply driving to the target.

You’ll come across plenty of enemies on the road. Avoid hitting anyone and anything at all costs, as this will slow you down and could result in a premature explosion.

Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery will have you shooting at practice targets with different weapons. Speed and accuracy are key to success here, especially if you want to gain five gears in each Shooting Gallery.

Aim for the bullseye without hitting the blue ‘X’ (subtracts 100 points from your score if you shoot them) and don’t miss to keep your multiplier high.

Machine Gun
With the Machine Gun weapons, you should aim for the center of the target. However, don’t waste too much time doing so.

Speed is just as important, so it’s okay if you miss a few of the targets, as long as you’re going through most of them quickly and accurately. Missing the target does reset your multiplier, but it’s fine to sacrifice it once in a while to keep the speed up.

With shotguns, accuracy is much less of a factor. You’ll need to be super-quick. Try shooting multiple targets by taking advantage of the shotgun’s spread. This will allow you to go through targets much quicker.

Handgun Shooting Gallery is probably the toughest one. You’ll have plenty of moving targets, plus blue X ones that you are supposed to avoid. You’ll have to work your way through the challenge.

Once you’re halfway through it, three of the back targets will flip around. Take them out quickly, then shoot the targets that come across in the middle.

In this shooting challenge, targets will disappear after being hit once. For this reason, you should aim carefully and aim for the bullseye.

Burst is quite challenging as each pull of the trigger fires four shots. This means that missing a single burst (even one of the bullets from the burst) will result in the multiplier being reset.

For this reason, you’ll need to take out each target carefully, and try to avoid moving to the next target prematurely. As your multiplier increases, don’t be shy in taking a few extra seconds to aim carefully for the next set of targets to keep a higher multiplier.

Destruction Frenzy

Destruction Frenzy requires you to rack up points by exploding stuff. What does stuff mean? Literally everything in sight.

Explosions can be linked together to maximize the points you earn, and like some of the other challenges, you can also boost your points earning with multipliers (up to 8x) by keeping momentum.

Taking too much time between explosions will divide your multiplier in half until it’s back down to one. The timer for the challenge won’t start counting until your first explosion, so use this to your advantage and find stuff to explode that could give you a nice chain.

Explode smaller objects first to fill up the meter, followed by bigger stuff.

There are various types of Frenzies that can be carried out with different weapons and vehicles. These include Sniper Frenzy, Jet Frenzy, Helicopter Frenzy, Grapple Frenzy, Boat Frenzy, RPG Frenzy, Tank Frenzy, FOW Frenzy, Mortar Frenzy, Support Vehicle Frenzy, Grenade Launcher Frenzy, Machine Gun Frenzy, Shotgun Frenzy, and Stunt Hang Frenzy.

The core concept of all types is fundamentally the same – they just put you in different circumstances, with different equipment and/or vehicles.

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