How to Fix Just Cause 2 Errors, Freezes, XP Fix, Crashes and Install Problems

Just Cause 2 again provided gamers with the best open World free flowing action that made the original game famous. Good overall game but lack of story made it a bit not so interesting but still good enough for fun seekers.

I don’t know if it’s a fade or something that all the good games are buggy to start with. You can even name them Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Assassins Creed II for the starters. Anyway Just Cause 2 has problems of its own so lets just start our sting operation on each one of them and see how can we resolve these issues.

Just Cause 2 Errors, Freezes, XP Fix, Crashes and Install Problems

First and foremost you need to meet the minimum system requirements of the game and that are:
Intel Processor     –     Core 2 Duo T7800 2.6GHz
AMD Processor     –     Phenom 8400 Triple-Core
Nvidia Graphics Card     –     Geforce GTS 250
ATI Graphics Card     –     Radeon HD 5750
RAM Memory     –     3 GB
Hard Disk Space     –     10 GB
Direct X     –     10

Not so minimum requirements isn’t ? that aside the game doesn’t run on Windows XP to start with, so you need Vista or Windows 7 to play the game. We will look into this matter in detail in the latter section of the article.

Run Just Cause 2 on Windows XP
If you wish to run Just Cause 2 on Windows XP, you should get ready to waste a lot of time before you find a good handy patch that doesn’t work. If you want to try, you can, I am not holding you back dear. You can use XP updater which fakes that you have DirectX 10 on XP OS and see if it works. If it does share the workaround with us, it may help others as well.

Disappearance of all Civilians and Cars
Various people across all platforms Just Cause 2 has been released been facing this bug, somehow all the civilians in the game disappear with their cars.
Possible Solution:
1. Save a lot, save before the mission or final show down.
2. If it occurs you can start a race mission in Panau City and then abort the mission. The civilians and vehicle seem to come back, its only a work around.
3. Anyway update your game to the latest patch but people have reported this problem even after the patch update.
4. Update your graphic card drivers to the latest as it seem to resolve this problem for few.

Can’t Find XINPUT1_3.dll  Error
This error and other similar dll errors are triggered due to non updated version of DirectX.
Solution: Download and install the updated version of DirectX to resolve this issue.

Just Cause 2 Camera Problems
Camera in Just Cause 2 needs to have an adjustable distance  when driving, falling, free falling and running.
Solution: Only a patch can fix this issue, so if this is an annoyance for you as well, request a patch on the official forums.

Just Cause 2 Screen Freezes but Sound Continues
When playing the game, it sometimes freezes but sounds still continues in the background.
Possible Solution: Update your graphic card drivers and see if it resolves this problem. In case it doesn’t then most probably you need to reinstall the game.

Just Cause 2 Install Problems, Hangs, Freezes, Crashes
Just Cause 2 has lot of install problems and lot of running issues like freezes, crashes and hangs. Most of them arise due to a missing file and some happen due to lack game not installed as admin.
Possible Solutions:
1. In Windows 7, try installing the game to a less restrictive folder then default program files, and make sure you install the game as an administrator. Do the same in case you are on Windows Vista.
2. If you are facing the crashes, freezes frequently or the game hangs at certain points, it is probably due to some missing files. Reinstalling the game would resolve the issue.

Just Cause 2| O and X buttons on PS3 not Working Properly
O and X buttons aren’t working and you need to press O+X to perform the action, so you can’t do melee attacks, can’t complete button sequences that involve O and X, and no stunt jumping. This issue has only been witnessed on Asian PS3’s so far.

Just Cause 2 PS3 Pause Menu Glitch
If you pause the game for long like 20-25 minutes and try to resume it again, it somehow goes back to the pause menu again after few short seconds of resume.
Solution: Double tap to get back into the game.

Just Cause 2 Stuck on Loading Screen

If you start the game, new game and when the game starts loading, it gets stuck in loading, progress bar goes no further.
Solution: This issue arises due to any missing file in your installation of the game so reinstalling the game would resolve this issue.

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