Jurassic World Alive Guide – Fusion, Evolution, PVP (Beginners Tips)

The popular Jurassic Park that we all love spending time with, be it films, reading material, or game is back with Jurassic World Alive on mobile devices.

In Jurassic World Alive, you will explore the park; collect dinosaurs to form your own team and battle against other more terrifying ones. Check our Jurassic World Alive Guide for more on the Dino vs Dino game.

Jurassic World Alive Guide

Firstly, exploration and hunting for monsters work in the same way as Pokemon Go. In the augmented reality, you can roam the world around you to roam the world in the actual game.

Once you have come across a dino of your liking, use a dart to grab its DNA, the dinosaur will now be in your collection.

You can choose up to 8 dinosaurs at a given time. To maximize the DNA yield you could use the VIP that allows you access to a higher battery life.

Even though you will have to move and leave your comfort zone of the house for lootboxes, dinosaurs are a different story altogether. You can even get one if you are too lazy to move, however, that will take around half an hour.

Again, places, where more happens, are the places where rare dinosaurs rest. These can be anything from a well-known restaurant in a shopping place or even a gym.

Pay a visit to these places of interest now and then to catch some amazing dinosaurs.

Fusions And Evolution

When you collect dinosaur’s DNA by moving and finding them physically, or by opening lootboxes, you can use that DNA to evolve your dinosaurs to a higher level.

Additionally, you can also fuse certain breeds of dinosaurs together to form a rare and far superior one. This can then be evolved with the use of either of the DNA of the two original dinosaurs used in the fusion process.

These rare and special species of dinosaurs come with their own unique abilities and increased stats in health, durability and damage output.

PVP Battles

This is the most fun part of the game where you take your team of 4 dinos to fight against another player’s team. You can choose your team by going to My Collection and swap out and in to get the dinosaurs you want.

Make sure you have variety in your team: one that has a high speed, one that boosts attack power, one that is durable in its armor and one in its health.

Once you are ready, you can tap the Battle icon that will pair you up with a player of similar ranking. The main battle is turn-based and will prompt you to first select a dinosaur for your first turn.

You will then be able to perform a dinosaur specific ability in the 15 seconds you get or utilize that turn to swap in a different dinosaur. How the actual combat works are this:

  • Dinosaurs with higher speed will perform their attacking move first. However, faster dinosaurs fall short when it comes to health and their damage output.
  • Save your best move for later and guess the other player’s move so you could counter it. Analyze and adapt, that is how you win in this game.

When you win a battle, you will receive incubators containing DNA, coins, and darts but this will take variable amounts of time to unlock.

At a given time, you can have no more than 4 incubators. If you are not looking for waiting any longer, spend cash to open these incubators immediately.

The following are some tips and tricks on catching dinosaurs and making the best at the game;

  1. It is advisable to get as close to the dinosaur as you can when you are catching one. You will not be getting any advice about this from the game but the closer you are to the dinosaur the more time and chance you have of shooting them with the dart.
  2. The aim is to hit the dinosaur to harvest its DNA. This will allow you to create your own version of that dinosaur. The trick here is that the closer you are at the time of the hit, the more DNA you harvest. So be sure to be as close as you can.
  3. Once you are near a dinosaur, the encounter will not begin until you take a shot for the first time. After that, it will be aware of your presence and things will get tricky from then on. So, take your time aiming your shot the best you can and closest to the bullseye marker so that you can land a hit on the first shot.
  4. Once the dinosaur starts to move, you will have to aim ahead of it in the way that it is moving in order to hit.
  5. Also, the speed with which the dinosaur moves increases with each shot fired. So, aim your shots carefully and don’t just go around shooting aimlessly. It will be a waste of your darts.
  6. There also is time to an encounter. When the time ends, there is no point shooting darts. Even if you shot one and the time ended afterward, it will be rendered useless.
  7. The amount of DNA needed to create dinosaurs varies from species to species and also depends upon the rarity of the dinosaur that you are aiming to create. Rare dinosaurs are usually stronger than common ones but it is not a hard and fast rule. Some rare dinosaurs might be weaker than a few common ones.
  8. Collecting DNA continuously, even for ones you have already created. This will be utilized in making them stronger by evolving them and sometime soon, they might become stronger than rare ones as well.
  9. In battle, you will be made to choose 8 dinosaurs straight off of which 4 will randomly be sent to battle. And with each win, you will obtain an incubator.

This is all we have in our Jurassic World Alive Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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