The Multi Platform Bandai Namco’s Jump Force Revealed At E3 2018

When worlds which were never meant to meet collide, is where Bandai Namco’s Jump Force takes birth. Jump Force has been revealed at E3 2018 by Microsoft through an amazing trailer.

The game finds itself right between a collision of those two worlds. Initially, those two worlds are poles apart but things have changed and now the complications will determine the fate of the new world.

Jump Force is a game that depicts the scenario, where the impossibility becomes reality. Both of those worlds have merged into one and our last hope for survival, are the heroes that we can only imagine, willing to push the boundaries that none have ever pushed before.

As seen in the E3 2018 trailer Jump Force has a really amazing, captivating and indulging, player on the player sequence. Check out the trailer below.

At the moment no release date has been announced other than this amazing trailer, so perhaps we might have to wait a little while for this one.