July Roadmap for Hitman 2 Brings “Jungle Music” Theme

The July roadmap for Hitman 2 has arrived and it has content for everyone. IO interactive posted the roadmap on their blog. The theme of July is “Jungle Music”. The new challenges are in line with that theme except for a new Sniper assassin map set in Siberia. Read on for Agent 47’s new adventures.

Escalation contracts:

There will be two new Escalation contracts. The first is called “The Babaya Dissonance” and the second is “The Calvino Cacophany. In “The Babaya dissonance”, you’ll have to “take care of the musicians”.

The contract will take place on the Isle of Sgail. There will be three stages and all will require different skills to be dealt with. It will be available for all Hitman 2 players on the 4th of July.

“The Calvino Cacophany” will take you to the “explosive” Santa Fortuna. After completing the mission, you’ll be able to unlock the Hot Summer Suit. All Hitman 2 players will be able to play it on the 25th of July.

Challenge Pack:

The “I am with the band” challenge pack will let you be a part of Santa Fortuna’s famous band! Five new band related challenges will be available from July 11th for all Hitman 2 players. The reward for completion of these challenges will be a violin. This is sure to get people playing!

Featured Contracts:

Contract creators again will have the opportunity to have their contracts featured. The theme for this month’s submissions is “Tone Death”. All submissions must be made before 9 a.m. CEST on July 15th.

Legacy Exclusive Contract:

The Badboy will be in Sapienza for ten days and you’ll have to take care of him before he leaves. This Hitman 2 Legacy exclusive target will be available from July 19th onwards. Since it’s a Legacy exclusive you’ll have to download the Legacy Pack if you haven’t already.

New Sniper Assassin map:

“The prison” will be set in Siberia. If you achieve full mastery of this level, you’ll unlock Druzhina 34 ICA for use in all Hitman 2 sandbox locations. This Hitman 2 expansion pass exclusive map will be available on the 30th of July.

Anniversary Outfits:

All players with IOI accounts will get the following Hitman 2 outfits on the 31st of July: The Futo suit, The Lynch Suit, The Freedom Phantom Suit.

That’s all the details that have been revealed up till now. Hitman 2 is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.