Judy’s Cut Romance Option Gets Restored In Cyberpunk 2077

Judy can only be romanced in Cyberpunk 2077 if players create a female V protagonist. That however was not always the case. Judy had additional romance options at some point during development which developer CD Projekt Red eventually removed from the final release build for unknown reasons.

Taking to Reddit earlier today, one player showed how a simple modification to the game files can restore that cut content to allow a male V protagonist to romance Judy without any issues. All of the voiced dialogues are still there. They are just not being used and need to be pulled manually.

Just like with Judy, River is another Cyberpunk 2077 character who had additional romance options at some point during development. Unlike the release (and unedited) build of the game, River had a gay romance option with a male V protagonist which was cut out by CD Projekt Red.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a lot of content that was cut during development. In fact, most of that cut content is being dug up from the current released build. That includes multiple missions, locations, and items. Whether that gets restored officially remains to be seen.

Based on a recent rumor, CD Projekt Red plans to bring a whole lot of cut content back in the coming two quarters. The goal is to make a No Man’s Sky-like comeback by June 2021. The in-game closed apartments are said to be originally lootable. More than 50,000 lines of dialogue were apparently scrapped as well.

Cyberpunk 2077 will officially release a major patch in January and then in February to address numerous issues. Those patches are rumored to have been delayed to mid-March. CD Projekt Red is yet to put that rumor to rest.

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