Joss Whedon Wanted to Rework Justice League Into The Avengers, “Something Went Wrong Somewhere”

There were many reasons that contributed to the downfall of Justice League (2017) in the end. The most notable of them all was that the movie had not one but two different directors — Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon, pulling the creative strings in totally opposite directions.

Snyder was originally handed the reigns to the project. Whedon was brought in afterwards when Snyder decided to take a break from work in order to process the death of his daughter. That being said, there were reports that Snyder had already been canned by Warner Bros. several months prior.

Hence, Justice League ended up with two different versions — the Snyder cut and the Wheadon cut. However, neither of the two spelled perfection or was even remotely acceptable as far as the top brass was concerned. Justice League was eventually released, more or less thrown, into theaters much to the disappointment of both critics and fans.

While speaking with the audience at Awesome Con (via CBM) on the weekend, Whedon finally broke radio silence and opened up about Justice League.

He admitted that “adding scenes to completely rejig a movie” in the little time given made the entire process incredibly difficult. He also noted that the Snyder cut is completely different to the Whedon cut.

“This film is really both of ours as I’m sure our respective versions would be totally unique beasts which weren’t…this [Laughs],” Whedon said. “I know a lot of fans have very specific ideas about what Justice League should be but when you’re working with people who thought it would be cool to have Gal [Gadot] wear a Batsuit in the final act, there’s really only so much you can do.”

Interestingly enough, Wheadon suggested that he was attempting to rework Justice League into The Avengers (2012) in some capacity. Unfortunately, he did not elaborate any further on what exactly the studio was looking to achieve.

“Ultimately, none of us walked away happy but it is what it is and not every superhero movie can be The Avengers. We struck gold with that one and I guess the world of DC is better suited to TV.

“I tried but something went wrong somewhere and I guess the movie was a little too much Justice League and not enough Avengers. That movie was just so damn good. You guys saw it right? [Laughs] I really made an effort with those two.”

Justice League concluded its run in the box office a few weeks back to become the lowest grossing comic book adaptation for Warner Bros. and the long-running comic book publisher, DC Comics.

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