Joker’s Stage in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Is Leaked Via Data Mining

The release date of Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Joker is near and latest data mine unveils that Mementos from Persona 5 will be coming along as a themed DLC stage.

Joker from Person 5 is one of the total five paid DLC characters coming to the game (excluding Piranha Plant) on Nintendo Switch as announced by Masahiro Sakurai. Each of these DLC characters will arrive in the game with their own themed stage and a selection of songs.

A well-known data miner Dr. HyperCake revealed on Twitter that he has discovered “Jack_Menentoes” among the strings of LVD files in Super Smash Ultimate. He said that “the format of this string matches stage name strings in ui_stage_db (“[Series]_[Stage]”), and Joker’s internal name is jack” which hints us that the Joker’s stage in the game might be Mementos.

It’s very possible because Momentos has been one of the predictions since the announcement of the Joker in the game. In case you don’t know, Momentos is a place from P5 where most of the players spend time exploring new side quests and to face monsters from the story. If it really happens then count it as the favorite stage of all the Persona series fans.

Soon we will know if it’s real or just a hoax as the Joker will arrive before the end of April in Super Smash Bros Ultimate with 3.0 update.

If you are interested in getting hands on the “jack of all trades” or future DLC characters then we advise you to grab the DLC pack for $5.99. You can also opt for “Fighter’s Pack” to get access to all of the paid upcoming fighters for just $24.99 which is a better deal.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate 3.0 update is set to arrive in Spring and Bandai Namco is already teasing about it but to know about what’s coming, you will have to wait to find out.

As of now, Smash Bros Ultimate update version 2.0.0 is now available on Switch. The latest update brings us the most awaited character in the game that is Piranha Plant. But there’s a catch as you can get Piranha Plant for free if you bought the game before January 30. If you didn’t then you will have to buy it.

You can now also play Spirit Board with up-to four players. The latest update also adds new spirits to the game along with gameplay adjustment, fighter tweaks, gameplay fixes and more.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate developed by Bandai Namco Studios is now available to play on Nintendo Switch.

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