John Romero Releases New Doom 2 Map In Support Of Ukraine

John Romero, best known as a co-founder of developer id Software and a co-creator of the original Doom, has returned to release a brand new map for Doom 2 to aid the ongoing humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

“One Humanity” is the first map Romero has made for Doom 2 since the game was released back in 1994. The map can be purchased for Ā£5 with all proceeds going towards the Red Cross and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund.

Romero only notes that “players must have an original copy of Doom 2 and a modern source port to play” the map. Hence, downloading an emulated version of the classic shooter for free will not be compatible with One Humanity.

Romera is currently working on a sequel to Sigil which was released in 2019 as an unofficial expansion to Doom. The mod featured nine missions along with a new soundtrack. Sigil 2 will however be released for Doom 2 instead as another step forward in the Doom timeline. The sequel has not been given a release date so far.

Elsewhere, fans believe that id Software has begun work on a brand new Doom game. The developer has been hiring for an unannounced project which will feature the “high-quality gameplay” of the recent Doom reboot and Doom Eternal.

They are only speculations at the time of writing but Doom Eternal was clearly not the last time fans filled the shoes of the Doomslayer. There are still stories waiting to be told from the Doom universe and the recent reboot helped id Software create a new foundation to move forward on.

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