Jim Ryan Believes Playstation 5 Storage Is Adequate, Despite Criticisms

Sony CEO Jim Ryan is claiming that Sony hasn’t heard any criticisms about Playstation 5 storage since the console launched last week. This in spite of multiple news outlets talking about how a significant portion of the console’s memory is used just in setting the thing up once the box is open.

To be more specific, the Playstation 5 has an 825 gigabyte solid state drive to store all of a player’s games in. Twenty percent of that, 165 gigabytes, is dedicated solely to operating functions, which leaves only 664 gigabytes usable for the use of games.

Making this storage crisis even worse is that many next-gen games that have only just released also have hugely demanding story requirements. Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, for instance, needs anywhere from 120 to 200 gigabytes depending on platform, though modular downloading helps alleviate this. Spider-Man Miles Morales’s Ultimate Edition requires 100 gigs, but it also includes the remastered version of Spider-Man for the Playstation 4.

Normally, Playstation 5 storage woes could be alleviated with the use of expandable SSD drives. However, pending a frameware update in the future, the Playstation 5 doesn’t currently support them, and even then, Playstation 5 games can’t be stored on external hard drives, though Playstation is at least apparently looking into that.

Something else that players can use to try and cut down on the use of storage space is taking advantage of the Playstation 5’s modular download system, like with Call of Duty mentioned above. For instance, you can choose to only download a game’s multiplayer, or delete the singleplayer campaign once you’ve finished it.

Whether that will all be enough to satisfy gamers that are still upset over how scarce Playstation 5 storage appears to be is an entirely different matter, though. Hopefully Sony will take notice of complaints at some point in the future, but for now you might want to do your best to ration storage space.