How To Defeat K-405 In Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

As you play through Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, K-405 is the first boss you will encounter. Being the first boss, K-405 is relatively easy ...

Adventures across the world of Star Wars are never easy, as the empire is always on your tail. As you play through Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, K-405 is the first boss you will encounter. Being the first boss, K-405 is relatively easy to deal with. Still, some might find dealing with their first boss challenging.

This guide will help you defeat the first boss of Star Wars Jedi: Survivors, the security droid K-405.

K-405’s attacks

The first starts with K-405 throwing you down the platform and jumping down to take you down. As soon as the fight begins, K-405 Droid will use a Red Attack, the first you’ll encounter in the game. These Red Attacks are unblockable and cannot be parried, and the only way to avoid them is by dodging them.

K-405’s Red Attack is well-telegraphed. With his electric baton, the droid will lean back and go in for a mighty swing.

K-405’s other attacks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor are basic. You can easily block and parry them. His basic attack is a three-swing attack, where K-405 swings his electric baton thrice. All three attacks can be blocked; if one lands, the subsequent attacks will hit you, so best avoid getting hit.

His most powerful blockable attack has K-405 use an overhead strike. Again, the move is relatively easy to predict and read so you won’t have much issue dealing with the attack.


Lastly, K-405 has two attacks to break your stance. The first is a basic push, where K-405 will push you back to break your stance in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Secondly, K-405 will slam his baton vertically on the ground, creating a small electric AoE that can stun you.

Both these attacks only come out when you are close to the droid. You don’t have to worry about them if you maintain a distance from the droid.

Strategy to defeat Star Wars Jedi Survivor K-405 boss

First of all, you never fight K-405 alone. You have Bode with you. He is not much help, but having a companion to help you is still good. Bode will most depend on his blaster to shoot the droid in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

The Droid might seem slow, but he can close in distances very fast when attacking. He has excellent tracking, so you best be ready to dodge or block. Don’t get too confident or aggressive.

You can freely use the Force on K-405. Either pull him close, push him away, or even slow the time to attack him. This allows you to move the fight at your own pace and either pull in the droid if you struggle to get close or push him away if you need to heal in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

The droid is not a strong opponent. His attacks are powerful since he is a boss and all, but his main use is to introduce you to Red Attacks. As such, the boss is weak to every attack you have in your arsenal, so feel free to attack him however you want.

Bode will periodically distract K-405, allowing you to go in for multiple powerful hits. The best attack you can use is your Lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It will deal the most damage. You will take out the boss in no time.

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